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for Mr Bennet's Daughter

1/21 c41 Edward'sDJ
I love this story and am rereading now that it is finally complete, thank you.
As an older woman, I am moved to pass on a bit of hard won advice; 'under promise and over deliver'!
12/16/2022 c42 Levenez
The wedding! Finally! I am very curious as to how these two will dare to love officially and not just pretend to pretend…
12/16/2022 c42 Levenez
I have now re-read both stories, Childhood Impressions and this one, to be able to read the new chapter…. Thank you very much for sharing your stories with us and coming back to update this one… as you say you posted the 2nd to last chapter, I hope you will post the last one soon!
12/14/2022 c14 Levenez
As an heiress I guess she will attract all sorts of male attention… but will she have enough patience for THAT?
12/14/2022 c12 Levenez
I am re-reading this story in order to follow the more recent update. I guess the letter in the nb could have been to Mr Bennetwhat is my son doing! Let’s test their resolve. Will you allow me?
12/10/2022 c42 Another Lizzie
I really enjoyed it though, I must say, a 5 mile walk in wedding slippers would have rendered them a mess (probably destroyed) and her dress hem dirty as well. She should have walked to the Pemberly chapel, much closer and no dirt. Thank you for sharing.
12/7/2022 c42 staro
Great story hopefully it will continue
11/24/2022 c42 7Fuuruma
I'm so happy you are finishing the story!

Was so excited when I get the email, thank you so much!

We finally got to the wedding! So exciting!
11/7/2022 c42 tnet
so lovely, hope they get over themselves and show their love. And mr. D really is better. I have so enjoyed reading this story, fastpaced, indomitable, extremely funny, adventurous, fantastical... loved the ship, highwaymen, poison, murder, a lost baron, smugglers, unfaithfull fiancee, travels, cowfeeding etc. I will have to read the first story as well. Thank you for sharing your lovely story and taking up your pen again. I hope it all turns out well for you.
11/1/2022 c42 LoveMySofa
So, I'm confused. Chapter 42 says "second to last chapter" but the status says Complete. Will there be more?
Very happy that you've come back to finish this!
10/29/2022 c42 Guest
Last chapter pleaseee
10/29/2022 c42 Btroisi
Excellent concluding sentence.
I’ve enjoyed this story very much. It captures, in a very original way, the essence of what i love about lizzie and her relationship with darcy.
Usually i am bothered by farfetched plots but in this case, those events seem so in tune with the extremely well developed characters that i barely gave that a second thought.
You started this as a child. Was this lizzy’s life the one you experienced or yearned for?
I certainly identify with her - the zesty, unconventional, rule-breaking, verbally adroit ringleader. Sadly, i never found the necessary reciprocal counterpart. And without that balanced partnership, lizzylike behaviors do not result in the same joy….
i hope you found your darcy. And if not, your devoted fans here send you love to counter your professional angst.
10/29/2022 c42 Guest
I am very happy to see you writing again. I read this story long after you wrote it but am very excited to see it get completed :)
10/28/2022 c41 Colleen S
Absolutely brilliant writing!
10/26/2022 c42 Pr0f. McGonagall
Beautiful. Sigh.
Just beautiful! I know, they have one more big talk ahead of them, and I am looking forward to that. I have all kinds of swoon-worthy scenarios in my head for that...

I dearly hope that you will continue the story. The both still have some more "growing up" to do. Growing into more of a team on an adult level, having to face society and "the ton" together, without losing their uniqueness.

And I dearly hope that Mr. Darcy still gets to meet his first grandchild...or at least get to see the two of them finally relent and confess and SHOW their love for each other.
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