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for Elyon Rhulain: A New Bounty Hunter

4/12/2011 c1 1dangerwoman19
this is a really great story please review my story my pen name is dangerwoman19 i would be deeply happy if you would write more to this story and if you would read my story and tell me what you think so that i can write more then just one chapter.
1/14/2011 c18 wolfprowl
I think I would have smacked them all also. Great story, I am glad you are continuing with it. The characters are very true to reality. Your scene of Tim stepping on Talons hand is just like the time Tim bumped into Dog. He was also yelling after the guys all ready had the fugitive on the ground.
1/11/2011 c16 wolfprowl
just found this story and am really enjoying it. It is nice to read something good while trying to relax after long work hours.
11/9/2010 c9 1Red Rose Cat
This story is really good keep up the great work!_
6/25/2010 c16 15mrmistoffelees
Nice work...I like it. Characters are in character and you've done an excellent job.
4/22/2010 c16 5SPNAngel16
cant wait to read more. love how you incorperated Miss Congeniality into the last chapter. Solar plexis, instep, nose, groin. it's a classic :D
3/29/2010 c16 3bluevamp
No, don't do that! It's really good story I like it a lot!
7/21/2009 c16 Enigma493
Hunny PLEASE WRITE MORE! Your story is awesome!
7/15/2009 c5 luverlee
Um i know this is gonna sound stupid to you. But i'm watching Dog right now and i started reading this and I wanted to point out, that Leland's sisters name is "Lyssa". Just a different spelling. sorry to bother you with that.
3/18/2008 c12 10Kiariad
I really like this fic, especially the way you write Elyon, a heoroine who isn't concerned about her nails! (No offence to those who do care about their nails.) Please update soon, this is really good, and their really aren't enough DTBH ficsout there!
10/26/2007 c12 1Grace O'Riley
Great story so far love the SIng mention. She really does kick ass. keep up the story no fair leaving us hanging like that. just messing with you know keep writing
8/30/2007 c8 Grace O'Riley
I love this story I love it when people right about strong heroines none of that dasal in distress right off the bat please finish the story...please
8/26/2007 c7 ebonyrose
hey :D i'm really enjoying this story and i love the way you write your main character, Elyon. Can't wait to see more..

great chapters..great CHAPMANS..ah see what i did there?..i'm such a freak..sorry


8/7/2007 c5 11Grazia D
Yep, I'm still enjoying this! I absolutely love Dog. Great chapters! I would have reviewed sooner, but the email alerts seemed to have a bit of a hissy fit over the past twenty-four hours
8/3/2007 c3 Grazia D
I'm really enjoying this and patiently waiting for more

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