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7/27/2007 c1 Gaara218
I thought it was really awesome is going to follow the canon plot or will it deviate later
7/27/2007 c1 shino
It was great.
7/27/2007 c1 yan
funny prank. can neji and naruto be friends?
7/27/2007 c1 animeflunky
a good start update soon plz :P
7/27/2007 c1 Tenshi Zujin

I love this story the only advice I can think of is to capitalize names and to check your spelling and punctuation a bit more.

Please continue,

7/27/2007 c1 ddd
cool...update sonon
7/27/2007 c1 1captain deoxys
Please, Don't do a Naruhina fic. There are far to many of them anyway. Also, hinata dosen't love naruto, She ADMIRES him. There is a really big difference. I like harems. Please, give naruto a chance with all the girls his age sometime, later. Naruto actually does love sakura in the canon. Itss been seen many times. he would do anything for sakura, even if it kills him. Its true. Can naruto learn how to use the super strength technique that tsunade uses and can he learn how to open the inner gates as well as use their forbidden techniques, if they are in the scroll? Thanks and update soon.
7/27/2007 c1 fidemea85
oh man i need more awesome story
7/27/2007 c1 1221ba
kick ass and the chapters long too keep updating chapter
7/27/2007 c1 Ero-kun
Mizuki, Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke, Akamaru, TAI-jutsu. Ken-jutsu is just sword fighting, not throwing kunais and shurikens.

Try to correct Your errors before You post chapter...

Hinata: She's stuttering even in own head? Gosh! this is pathetic! Don't You dare pair this weirdo with Naruto. And if You are heading to this change this weirdo to normal teen/growing woman _
7/26/2007 c1 2ShinigamiNoKitsune
I liked your story. Can not wait for more chapters. Great job.
7/26/2007 c1 1one-village-idiot
SCORE! I'm the first reviewer!

Besides that awesome fact, this fic has got potential. And if you knew me, that translates to 'holy crap, this thing is going on Story Alert!"

I love the prank, the hinata-naruto moments, and his new outfit. Is the fox-features going to be permanent? I'm glad to see he's no longer crushing on Sakura. Hey, since naruto has used TWO jutsus from the scroll, maybe he's no longer the dead last, and could actually be on hinata's team.

Do you have a possible relationship for Naruto? It seems to me to be a Naru/Hina fic. And this is actually a good one?

On a side note, would hinata really be stuttering in her thoughts? I thought she only stutters talking to Naruto.

Anyway, update soon!
7/26/2007 c1 kyunaru
cool story so far when is the next chapter going to be out.
7/26/2007 c1 13actionliker
dude/girl...i just read your fanfic AND your profile...and i GOT to say...YOU ROCK!

I'm a die-hard for Naru/femKyuu, Naru/femHaku, and Naru/OC (NAru/OC's my fav) sorry if im a Naru/Hina hater.

if you make a Naru/FemKYU,FemHAKU, or a OC lemon oneshot...your my king/queen.
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