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9/9/2020 c1 Tenjo
In response to your disclaimer at the start, the only thing I care about is consistency and common sense. I can disregard physics since not even canon gets it right (even if your feet stick to the wall the rest of your body is effected by gravity and as such, your body will fall like a door on a hinge and your ankles would snap) but if he’s only OP when not in an important fight, I’m out. If Sakura sees Naruto smash Sasuke and still persists that Sasuke is the best, I’m out.

Consistency and common sense are two things that stories on this website almost always lack, so I hope you’re different.
8/31/2020 c3 Guest
You, fam are the best damn writer, ever.
4/25/2020 c16 DrunkFoot
4/24/2020 c16 DrunkFoot
a drlFoiaMn
4/23/2020 c5 DrunkFoot
Best comic ever.
4/23/2020 c2 Error
4/22/2020 c1 DrunkFoot
4/22/2020 c1 I hate
5/17/2019 c20 4Monster King
Great job
4/23/2019 c20 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Hi, I love your story, please continue.
4/7/2019 c1 big dick
i love this story
10/31/2018 c4 xXKentonHatakeXx
Okay, I can tell you haven't read or watched Shippuden at all.
10/21/2018 c20 Guest
shit cliffhanger and another that wont update

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10/21/2018 c19 horrorhails
but i wanted both
3/13/2018 c6 AzvenusKestel
Sigh... another good plot destroyed by a childishly written story.
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