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3/25/2017 c24 7Kaito Echizen
this very good


Kaito is hungry, he wants to eat
4/13/2015 c24 liar
Hypocritical bitch.
1/10/2015 c20 17DGAF4Life79
I'm sure someone already corrected you but your info on Duo is slightly off. He was a nameless orphan you got that right. He joined Solo and other orphans where they stole food to survive. A plague struck then Solo got ill. Solo died right in front of him. Duo then said to himself "If solo is with me then we'll be Duo" thus he got his name. As for the Maxwell church a group of rebels took everyone there hostage while on the run. Duo agreed to get them a mobile suit so they would leave. Duo went out and stole a mobile suit but when he returned it was too late the United Earth Sphere Alliance had already destroyed the church and killed everyone inside. Duo was just in time to have Sister Helen die in his arms.
10/14/2014 c24 Guest
Ive never really reviewed u before but someone is stealimg your work and shes a mean horribleperaon. My friemd left her this long comment which was nice and even recommendedmyour story cause its similar exceptmrelena fights in her story and its outmpf character for her and so she left this rude comment and deleted my friends comment.

We think its cause she stole your idea and cant come up with her own.

Check itmout. Her penname is twinenigma and tne story is in the xover section for sailor moon and gundam wing called no faith in humanity or something like that.

I wish youd come back and finish your story. Dont let people ruin your creativity cause they havr none
10/6/2014 c24 NightSky
This story is incredible! It's intriguing and touching, filled with mystery and complex emotions. I can't predict what will happen and I can barely wait. I hope you manage to update soon! On the one side, I don't want to see Mamoru betray Usagi once more, pushing her away because he was scared off by a dream. I thought they had learned from this lesson already! I don't much like seeing him with Relena, but I also don't much like Relena. She lacks something that Usagi has: she talks big but she isn't willing to fight to protect her friends and her beliefs (Usa fights quite a bit while managing not to hurt others and even helping her enemies realize a different path is possible). She has a lot of growing up to do as a character, and I don't think she matches with Mamoru. On the other hand, I also like reading Heero / Usagi pairings, and maybe Heero will be wiser than Mamoru and know to fight to keep someone as precious as Usagi by his side.
Hope to read more soon!
8/31/2014 c24 Guest
New to reading fan fiction, but the story was well written, characters well developed, and vividly described. Would read other stories by this author ;). Keep writing, you have a wonderful gift.
7/13/2014 c1 1Saris Yui
I miss this story so much!
6/28/2014 c24 Guest
the emtion u put in your fics is great. you write si well update soon
4/7/2014 c23 Guest
3/5/2014 c23 6SmileysBasis2
Oh wow, all of the fics you've proposed look quite interesting. I'll admit, number 4 definitely caught my attention more! That sounds like an awesome premise. And DUDE. If you drew a picture for one of my stories I would cry with excitement...It's funny, when I write I envision it, kind of as if it were a movie so I have soooo many ideas of what it would look like. It'd be unreal to see it actually put to paper! I love that you're keeping the section busy-I'll admit, I moved my stories over to the crossover section just cause I didn't really know what to do XD haha but I'm updating too! We gotta keep things in motion! I completely agree with your last sentiment that we need to support our fellow authors-it does take a lot to write and it's the most fun to share it, discuss it, and enjoy it.

Anyway, I loved this chapter. Haruka's comment about a "wolf in a leather bra" definitely made me laugh as did Ami yelling for Duo to take off his clothes haha. But aw, poor Quatre feeling Usagi's pain...and Usagi as well for feeling it herself. Where'd she go? I feel like sending Rei, Minako, and Makoto to go find her would be fun and leaving Ami behind could be amusing hehe. In any case, great work as always, I really, really hope you update soon!
2/12/2014 c23 luCIOLA
Woh, it is interesting to read... hope you will update the story soon and all the best in developing the history of the senshi...
1/25/2014 c23 1Lady Light
Wow. Love this story.
1/25/2014 c23 18JPandS
Being bias it is pretty impossible for me not to vote for the Makoto-centered fic XD haha. So of course I must shamelessly vote for #4 teehee. Story #8 also captures my attention. I sort of accidentally started to ponder what a Haruka/Trowa relationship might be like and ended up sort of loving the idea but never really followed through with it. You know I just think of strange pairings and let them roam free in my head, anyhow seeing that that would be the starting point and then change made me excited so I definitely wouldn't mind reading that! I'll just leave my votes at these two stories XD

Oh my gawsh though the angst in this story continues to kill me! :( I am exceptionally apprehensive about Usagi's fate! I used to favor Retribution over this story but now this one is sort of taking the limelight because it's so intricate and well-developed.

Haruka's realization that Seiya was out there with Usagi was hilarious. Their terse relationship with each other has always humored me. I am especially intrigued by Setsuna's options right now. Just having her mention how she could use Milliardo's lust for her as an advantage and even the scandalous nature in which Milliardo has conveyed his feelings (that being he is already involved but openly lusts after Setsuna) is really captivating. Heh I guess I just enjoy that a lot because I love Setsuna and seeing her be involved with others romantically (even if it is just for convenience or strategic importance) is pretty warming.

Anyhow, Duo of course is my favorite guy this chapter. But even he in all his awesome is overshadowed by the dreadful vision of Usagi suffering. Please update soon! I simply must know more!

As always, excellent update! I look forward to the next chapter!
1/23/2014 c23 18Venusian Angel
Love the update.
I am happy to hear you are going to do pairings I hope for Mina/Trowa! but its your story so up to you of course.
I already told you I vote for a Mina centic story.
Anyways loved the update and can't wait to read more
1/22/2014 c23 10twilightrocks100
Wow that was intense Thanks I cannot wait for more and I hope you don't make such a terrible end for Usagi because I am already crying! You write with such emotion and I love it! '

Keep it up and hope to read more so update soon kay? Please!

thank for a great read
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