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1/11/2008 c1 6ClashChick
Aw, this was so sad:( I like how their deaths were finally explained, though. I was so mad that JKR killed them and didn't even explain how they died. They just sort of died in the background. Anyway, even though I am still partially in denial (okay, a lot in denial:) about DH, this was very good:D

1/7/2008 c1 20fresh42jazz
Thank you. I hate how JKR just killed them without a story. I'll pretend now that this is how it happened. :)
8/23/2007 c1 10Unrepentant Geraldines
Wow, I haven't read a HP story in a LONG time- but this is nice. It's very depressing... I wish Tonks hadn't died!
7/27/2007 c1 39sazza-da-vampire
in my little world it was Bellatrix, too
7/27/2007 c1 eamonsweetmay
OMG. This was really short, but it made me cry so hard. To think this was all JK had to put in the book, and she didn't. Thank you for it.
7/27/2007 c1 17purple.skivvy
Brilliant..always wanted to know what was on the Tonks/Lupin side of things.
7/27/2007 c1 Pauuuuuuuuuu
Good minific =P

I'm obsessed righ now with anything after DH so I really liked it, beside, Remus and Tonks are the characters I'm going to miss the most =(
7/27/2007 c1 TristanIsolde4ever
thanks 4 explaining luin and tonk's deaths, i wasnt sure how they had died

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