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2/25/2008 c1 5bomber68
thats a good story yeah for Naruto
2/17/2008 c1 Cloud Ex-SOLDIER
Awesome oneshot.

Naruto is truly a character. Even after he killed Sasuke for the reason he did, he still gives him a hero's burial.

That's why i like Naruto's character, he is honorable and good.

I say again, awesome oneshot.
2/17/2008 c1 6Desi-Grasshopper
although i've never really given Naruto x Sakura a chance, i rly like it! it's quite interesting!
1/9/2008 c1 11heavenlyhuntress
good job! it's rele sad, but the! squeals!
10/17/2007 c1 2OiToTheWorld
I immediatly like this story because

1. Sasuke is dead

2. No one missed him

3. its narusaku

yeah as you can tell I dont like that cocky bastard, but yeah good job on the story, you should write more stuff, I'd read it =p
10/14/2007 c1 3cloudstriferk
Oh i love this... Its really nice! Keep up the good work...
9/6/2007 c1 1Jamie Smyth
wow! I've never watched a single ep of Naruto but I really liked this! It was sad and sweet...and you even managed to fit in some comedy in there! I likey alotey! Damn, I need to start watching Naruto...
7/30/2007 c1 2LoveUnderTheStars
i really like this story... the way you carried it out from the beginning to the final end was calm and not rushed in any way. a really good first submission, if i may be honest.. good job! *nice guy pose* lol
7/27/2007 c1 16Mr. Lee
Hello DrendeSalkash, this is Mr. Lee. As a fellow Naruto author, I welcome you to ffdotnet :)! Now to get to your story. You got potential to be a great author from looking at this story. It's good for your first fic. But this story has a few flaws that I can't help but express.

1. This story seems a LOT more mature than it should. 12 year olds drinking sake? Hinata and Kiba making out (ROTFLMAO XD! I don't know about that (sniker XD).)? Maybe if they were sixteen I could see it. But them doing this at twelve seems very unrealistic to me.

2. The romance in the story seems VERY rushed and VERY forced, and that is a MAJOR LEAGUE TURN-OFF to me (Naruto and Sakura passionately kissing at twelve? UNREALISTIC!). You could have added so much more detail to this story if you had just slowed down. A simple and chaste first kiss has more meaning than them tongue wrestling each other (This strenghtens the point I made in issue 1.).

3. This isn't an issue, but visioning Tsunade and Jiraiya as a singing pair in an alley just as Sakura is about to leave was truly the cheesiest thing I've ever seen in a romance fic ROTFLMAO XD. Don't worry my friend , I mean that in the nicest way LOL XD.

Now don't get me wrong, I liked your NaruSaku one shot. But you've got to admit, it moved kind of fast and was a bit unbalanced. If you had just slowed down on the romance and added more detail and realism (The more mature and less punchy 2nd Arc Sakura would have been a better choice for your fic. The only time she truly punched him after the time skip was when they reunited. I can't stand 1st arc Sakura x(!), it would have been so much better. But this is your first fic, so you're entitled to make mistakes. Just remember that detail and realism can make or break a story, even an AU one. And in romance, timing is everything. Rushing romance only leads to disaster. This is constructive criticism and should be treated as such. If I offended you or angered you in any way, then I'm truly sorry :(. That is not my intention :(. I invite you to check out my Naruto Flower Tales: Sakura when you have some free time (Don't forget to review :)!). I wish you luck with your future stories on this site my friend ;)! I'll be watching you. Later for now :)!

P.S. Just so you know, I think 'Listen to your heart' is a beautiful song. But honestly, it is the MOST OVERUSED SONG when it comes to romantic anime couples (You should see how many anime couples have that song on Youtube. I've started to hate listening to it LOL XD!). Also, let me give you some advice. I know that you're getting the hang of being an author. But if you want to get more reviews, recognition and fans for your story, then don't say 'who cares' when it comes to them reading and reviewing your stories. Otherwise, they truly won't care and you'll just be wasting your time and all your hard work will be wasted. Take care of yourself and until then, may the gods watch over you my friend :).
7/27/2007 c1 3The Dark Side of Me
i think the story was well done.

i look forword to reading more of your stories in the future.

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