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7/21/2008 c1 24The Quote Bandit

Sorry, but ever since I read Frankenstein, I've loved that word. Along with physignomy and tyro. If you have or will read Frankenstein, you'll understand.

Oh, yeah, and I likeed the actual story alot =) I didn't even know there WAS a western category...
8/10/2007 c1 grimmkittylove
Ah, the hilarity. I've read this before, but I apologize for not reviewing. Forgive me. xD
8/2/2007 c1 3CommodoreZelda13
that was really strange and weird and stuff like that... i loved it! my mind works that way too. you just have to ruin the serious moments!
7/30/2007 c1 Meowzy-chan
Hahahah. It confused me, made me laugh and was well written too. Hahahah, yeah, why call him 'The Lone Kratos' when he has a bluehaired manlov- I mean... friend? XD

It was a random-ish one-shot, but it really made me laugh.
7/29/2007 c1 swishhh
'“Why, that was the Lone Kratos…! You idiot!” He flipped his red gloved thumb and index finger into the air in an ‘all knowing’ manner, “Everyone knows that!"'

Haha! I love Lloyd. That was Lloyd, right? It was really funny and well-written, not to mention original, and you've cleared up what Yuan's weapon is! A swallow blade! That's been bothering me for AGES. Arigato!
7/29/2007 c1 42freakyanimegal

What a wonderful story! yet another one to add to your collecton of awesomeness! You rock. However...this isn't the first western, I've read one on here before...I forgot what it was called but Yuan was 'Yorro' and Lloyd was 'Lloyd the Kid' and Kratos was 'The Shrieef' and Zelos was ' The lone Zelos'. It was all very weird...hee.
7/28/2007 c1 51Ark Navy
Aah... so we meet again.

::tumble weed rolls by::

::shot'd for bad attempt at parody::

Hmph, the first ToS western, indeed... Maybe that's because so few people actually know the conventions of a western... or they just don't care. XD Though, it was a bit confusing in the very beginning-only because I thought for a second that this was something in-game .;;-it made for a very nice intro, very western-y, as it should be. And finally, nice use of protozoan. ^^

All in all, I give this story an enthusiastic, "YEE-HAW!"

::shot'd again::

::adds to favs::
7/28/2007 c1 Syzhale
^_^ great story! wanna know what i noticed? i dont really even need to read the story to give my reviews because i just say how great they are- not saying i dont read your stories of course ^_^ laterz
7/28/2007 c1 1Nasusi
This story is ... unique, I would say. I don't think I read anything like that before!

That's why I like it! XD
7/28/2007 c1 2tethe'alla
Haha, a ToS WESTERN? ARE YOU MAD? Wow, I've never thought of that before...Anyways, I have a question, was the leader of the bandits Regal? The bluenette? Also, this was my favorite part "but the two men were ignoring him! That was something the Great Zelos Wilder couldn’t stand for." So true, lol.

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