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for Zutara: Stories with Evaluations

7/16/2013 c3 SOMEONE
The whole hip thing was funny!
4/27/2013 c4 To This Day
I am a whole hearted Zutara fan. Throughout the entire show I waited for the day Zutara would happen. I agree with all your points! Great job.
11/27/2012 c4 Please delete this act. thanks
Wow, I totally agree about your analysis of ZukoxMai and KataraxAang. I havent seen it explained so logically and well laid out before. Great job! I am faving this. And yes the relationships at the end were empty. I totally agree.
10/4/2012 c1 Delia Moon
I love ZUTARA!
5/8/2012 c4 6Spaceangel77
thank you it is nice to know someone else feels the way i do about the show i know it's been a long time since you wrote this but with the legend of Korra now out I have come back to get my fill of avatar. Zutara forever even though we will never see it animated.
2/19/2012 c4 RadioRebel
Sunbattle, you are totally right about EVERYTHING! I mean the Finally don't make sense!
7/21/2010 c4 3AvatarRulesTheWorld
Okay I'll be honest from the start. Yes, I am a kataang.

Anyway, the story/proof.

1. Aang isn't 12, he's 112-120 in that range, he only appears to be 12 or 13.

2. Katara and Zuko, they both do not express their feelings. You are right on that. But they do express their feelings to the other (zuko/Mai katara/aang) that they were paired with.

3. They aren't exactly meant for each other. And plus, katara basically hates zuko, even after he took her to see the man who killed her mother.

4. I know as people say (well you didn't) that the creators actually had zuko and katara orginally paired. That's true, but they twisted it because they weren't meant for each other.
2/19/2010 c1 D
I really liked the fact that you pointed out that Katara is the mother figure of the story. I know the show ended but I thought it was wrong for Aang and Katara to be together, in fact, i felt a bit disgusted because she's the mother he never had. I also want to mention their age difference, he is twelve, and Katara is probably around seventeen. I know how some people believe that age is only a number but a seventeen year old female is way too mature to be falling in love with a kid whose twelve years old.

I loved you story by the way. :D
12/29/2008 c4 4BlueEclipse
Excellent points! I agree with pretty much everything that you talked about here.

I was amazed while watching the Finale at how many plot holes there were. Some were small, while others had been building up all season.

For example, how did Ty Lee and the Kyoshi warriors meet in prison? Ty Lee was at the Boiling Rock, while it was made clear that the Kyoshi warriors were at another prison. A small plot hole, but one that I noticed.

Another thing, as you pointed out, was the sudden kiss between Katara and Aang in the Finale. What was she, a prize? Did she do it out of sympathy? After all, he did save the world. It upset me because in Ember Island Players, Katara told Aang she was confused about their relationship, and then in the finale she's kissing him. (Also, the kiss in EIP was another example of Aang's immaturity. He totally took advantage of her.)

Thanks for writing this. It was well thought out and a joy to read.
12/23/2008 c1 20ManticSky
Actually, sorry to burst your bubble, but Avatar Roku married Tah Min. What happened with Koh holds as a total irrelevance to the fact that Avatars HAVE and will CONTINUE to marry and love like normal people. Just because Aang's the Avatar doesn't mean that he's the Messiah! Zuko and Katara's relationship has always been platonic, and Aang has always loved her. He's even expressed it directly to her, which I personally have been waiting for for three and a half seasons. If Zuko had feelings for her, he wouldn't have accepted Mai back on SC: Avatar Aang. Katara obviously kissed Aang, not vice versa, at the finale, and Kataang is the ultimate canon. Zutara is fun, but then again, so is, say, Tokka. Or Zuki.


Raven Black
11/4/2008 c4 7xyzisme
I like the last points. You make good points!
8/4/2008 c4 Lucrezia6565
Hey, I'd like to take full responsibility for the previous long rant. I thought I was logged in, but apparently not.

8/4/2008 c4 Guest
My thoughts exactly. Thank you for voicing them :)

Moreover, I feel kind of offended by the fact that the creators apparently thought that we'd be satisfied with a lame romance (make it two) by throwing us an itty bitty bone with "friendship wuv, happy nao?" written all over it.

Right, we get it, romance comes second to stellar fighting action and ancient asian wisdom portrayal in their mind, but I still believe that they could have just made a little effort in doing it right.

The fact that, at the end, they decided to recognize the similarities between Zuko and Katara in canon to appease Zutarians, who've had already realized a long time ago that the bond was there, only goes to reinforce that this pairing would have been so much more dynamic and interesting and successful than the ones they decided to go with in the finale.

And they didn't even develop those very well, making them so much harder to accept.

The couples they chose to be canon don't even share the same ideals, and forget about expressing their feelings or their fears; your partner will either yawn, run away, or kiss you regardless, like it or not. There, a smooch makes it all better!


Sorry for the long rant. I am so disappointed in what I thought was the best-thought show ever. You know, the one we thought had it all: action, wisdom, and epic romance.

Bah, I'm going back to watch Japanese Anime. The dialogues and the episode plots might be tacky sometimes, but at least you expect it; you know that the action scenes are going to be enthralling anyways, you don't get too emotionally involved, you take it all at face value, and won't feel too disappointed by a cheesy ending.

8/1/2008 c4 16birdsfly
As usual I agree with you 100% Its so sad did it look like to you that they were leading up to Zutara cuze thats what It looked liked to me after the Southern Riders ep they got a lot more closer. So sad. T_T

I hope the creators at least continue the story so that we could find out how the world has taken the ending of the 100 year war and if Zuko ever (ever!) finds his mother.

(It could also bring Katara and Zuko together. That could be why we have not hurd any news about something like that.'~' The creators have something against zutara. LOL). Like your little dabbles and essays they are all really good and very understandable.
7/30/2008 c4 1Novalightz
might i say,that theauther brings up valid points. most very interesting. i can only hope that its for story lines in future books, also there is still 'air'. i can only hope, unfinished story ties means future episodes...
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