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4/14/2011 c3 Resicmucric
I ran your Prince Phi through a Mary Sue litmus test based on the information you've provided.

Congratulations! You scored "Kill it with Fire"! ON THE FIRST HALF.

It doesn't take a detective to accurately guess that, a long time ago, you played as a wizard and got your ass repeatedly handed to you by priests and crusaders hence your rabid hatred for those classes and complete adoration for wizards.
6/27/2008 c19 1blueporing90
Omgosh! Yes! You updated XD

Wow that was... long. I thought you were never going to upload again for this story, it turned out I was wrong. *lol*

Aw! PhiSitamun Yay! XD -dances- Thank you so much for the update~


5/18/2008 c19 EternalVertigoFovever
6 months dude...since u updated!
5/17/2008 c19 silverblade919
Lawl. You effing finally updated. WOOT. xP

Lol. Glad you did Phix Sita. :3 Great chapter. xD

Update soon plx.
2/26/2008 c18 Bob
OMFG. UDPATE... D: ;_; This story is so 1337. D:
12/15/2007 c18 Attic-window
Memer is so naughty. Hee~ But that makes him so much better. XD. And finally the two seperate stories are converging as one. I can't wait till they meet each other. What will happen I wonder.

Yay! Keep writing.
12/15/2007 c18 EternalVertigoFovever
Sexed Out chapter dude !

a bit short but...the content makes up for it ! awsum stuff as usual !...w8in fr ur next chapter...[:d]...And plz m,ake it bigger :P
12/11/2007 c18 9FireyFlames
I feel a little bad for Gateau, even if she was over the top rude to Sitamun..At least Memer didn't dump her on a random street or something. o-o

Will there be any other pairings beside the main ones listed in your polls? D:
12/9/2007 c17 Attic-window
Hee~ I just love Mermer so much more now. He's so funny when he sleep talks. 'Get a life sister' Hah! I like this chapter very much too for it's lightheartedness. XD

I don't mind drawing for you. But that's if you don't mind my style. XD Cos I'd be happy to draw Phi and Mermer (squeals). Here's a link in case you'd like to know how I draw: http:/the-attic-up-there.
12/7/2007 c17 EternalVertigoFovever
"women were the best weapon to send against other women."

Thats the best line in da entire FIc ! excellent !

and this chapter is better than the previous chapter!... and UPDATE FASTER ! rocking fic man !
12/7/2007 c17 1blueporing90
Thank you for the update! X3

Very good chapter! =)

(Sorry I couldn't write a longer review than this but I do meant that is a good chapter)


-blueporing90... thanks again!
12/6/2007 c17 9FireyFlames
Now they're in the city, I wonder what will happen next? *coughsimplyingupdate* Just curious, will you introduce other characters from different classes? (not plot changing ones, since you did mention that there was already a steady flow)
12/5/2007 c1 K.T. Winters
My god, I respect you. The history of each city is amazing and so detailed. The 'slightly' tweaked cities and classes to make it your own is superb and yet it still retains the whole 'Ragnarok' goodness we all know and love. I also like how you kept the acolyte class loyal to the 'Holy Order' and not keeping it limited to them being loyal to only a specific God, as it does in most fanfics.

Overall, I see this as one of the great fanfics everyone has to read, Ragnarok fan or not. =)
12/4/2007 c16 Cifix
This chapter i REALLY liked. It was a very action packed chapter. I especially liked the way the Magnum Break was depicted, although Memer didn't really use any interesting skills. For me, it would have been better for him to use Basilica instead of Kyrie Eleison.
12/4/2007 c15 Cifix
I liked this chapter. It was very interesting for Phi to realize that there are bad sides in all countries/kingdoms. It was good that Geffen isn't as perfect as it seemed to be.
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