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11/20/2007 c15 1blueporing90
Tocino! XD

I never knew you were a filipino/filipina...wala lng heheh!

Sitamun and Phi, could be a nice paring but the other one looks good too, lol XD

Nice chapter! I really like your trivia...I learn stuff O.O


11/20/2007 c15 RP
This is actually pretty good, even by RO-standards(from what I've seen, RO fics are generally a lot better than fics in...Certain other categories)

Your writing style is very nice, although the first chapters might leave a bit of a "wait, wtf?"-feeling when read the first time, later chapters are very good though.

Oh, I'm supporting PhixPerenelle by the way.
11/20/2007 c15 Attic-window
UWAH! Sitamun is scary. Hole in the table. Knife in the chair.


Yay! I like the whole thing when Phi becomes aware of the poverty of the people in the country. Even in the real world people should open their eyes more and see. And the way you described the Geffenese makes me think I'd pass off very well as one. I eat sweets and chocolates virutally everyday. Hee.

Cheers for the fast updates!
11/18/2007 c14 blueporing90
Cool fanfic! I really like how you describe your characters and where they are. The storyline is very good too and the trivas O.o

I missed playing Ro . anyway...

Good job!


11/17/2007 c14 Vertigo
Oh ! Ur FanFic Is One of the best I've ever read ! I loved " Behind the Guitar Strings " n " Passion's Bitter End " as well ! but this is turning out to be better than the other too ! I love the way u describe your characters . Excellent Fic . would rate it 9.5 / 10 ! N Please update your fic more often !
11/17/2007 c14 Vertigo
I think Phi must go out with Sitamun . Its so much fun going out with a chick who likes to snub u a lot .There is definitely more heat in a relationship like this . Trust me I'm telling u from personal experience ! And " Sitamun n Phi " pair sounds much more hotter would be more exiting than that of " Perenelle n Phi " .
11/17/2007 c14 Attic-window
The first time I summoned a homunculus was like this:

Me: Come on. Lif. Lif. Lif. (has already found where to get pet food and gotten ready everything needed to raise a homunculus)

-Presses button for call homunculus. Out comes the hippo-baboon face amistr.-

Me: O.o O.o O.o

FREAK! -pauses- What does thing thing eat anyways!

This chapter sure brings back memories. Portico is such a flattering name for a hippo-baboon. I called mine Vicious (because it did look kinda vicious). And I think Perenelle and Phi go off so well together. I mean... CHILDHOOD FRIENDS! What could be more romantic than childhood lovers? And like both their names start with 'P'! (if you'd count that as a reason).

Don't worry about mush, a little mush is good sometimes.
11/7/2007 c13 Cifix
Very interesting, so sad that this is the last new significant character though. I'm wondering whether the girl is friend or foe.
11/2/2007 c5 9FireyFlames
at first I thought this was going to be another super BOb-Sue (another word for Mary Sue apparently xDD) fanfic. BUt it's turning out very very good.

Keep it up.
10/30/2007 c13 Attic-window
I used to be interested in Norse mythology when I was 12, haha. So I found the Hugin and Munin poem so cool XD.

Lovely descriptions of the whole ritual. I could almost feel like... I was somewhere off in the darkness watching all of it go on. And now they have a lady amongst them. XD YAY!

Update soon. XD
10/26/2007 c9 2AboutMySanity
review chap 9: tehe im glad phi didnt do stuff with the princess cuz i would've been disapointed in him! i liked how this chapter turned out
10/18/2007 c8 AboutMySanity
chap8: i liked this chapter a lot. you can create characters that are very believable, and the words form exact pictures in my mind. you're like my idol T_T -tackles-
10/18/2007 c7 AboutMySanity
review for chap 7: that phi has girls all over him doesnt he /heh
10/14/2007 c6 AboutMySanity
yet another beautifully made chapter. i really like the word 'jovially' i've never heard of it before. rofl... ;D

*review for chapter 6*
10/13/2007 c5 AboutMySanity
hey there im finally reviewing again.sorry about that i was at my madres house. i was wondering if you could bare to review my story. last time i checked it was at the bottom of its catagory. so no one prolly knows it exists. anyway if people do know its existis i would like to feel happy with at least one review xDD im gonna write it anyway cuz i feel like it. :D

but yes one review is all im asking. LOVE YOU! havta go to the recruiting office now. will review another later today.

my story-The Prophets of the War
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