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for Prince of Ravens

10/9/2007 c12 Cifix
interesting...a very funny chapter, and cool too. :)
10/7/2007 c12 4Northernsword
Was that an Avatar reference in the duel? Nice. Anyway, good chapter; mage fights are interesting. A typo there, it should be 'encase' as opposed to 'incase.' Good work with the details, again, describing the going ons of each night and the annoyances they put each other through... Well, keep it up, I guess
9/26/2007 c12 Attic-window
I wouldn't want to be Sitamun's maid! D: SCARY!

Why aren't you putting up those little trivia sections? I really liked reading them. There was plenty of new stuff I learnt.

I still like Memer. I'm a sucker for priests, so sue me.
9/18/2007 c11 Attic-window
I like Memer with his head off in the clouds. He makes such a cute cardinal. I think he ought to go with someone, but that's just my opinion. Since the poor fellow is in the holy order, I guess he can't. (Couldn't he break a few rules? T^T And if no one wants him, I'll take him! EHEHE!)

Okies, I finally get down to reveiwing. :P It's an enjoyable read, the action scenes vividly described. I like how you actually did research on the names and the cultures. Especially the names! I've always believed in the meaning behind the name (in fact I carry a fat volume of Baby Names around when I write my stories :P) so I give you a... hmm... muffin of encouragement. 8D Ragus indeed.

Ohoh! And I like Perenelle, he attitude and her fan waving habits XD. What a distinguished character!
9/18/2007 c11 Northernsword
Interesting characters, once again. I look forward to seeing how you render alchemy. Good work, overall.
9/16/2007 c10 Cifix
Yey Memer had an action scene! I really liked the chapter although the kiss thing was a bit too fast...for me.
9/16/2007 c11 Cifix
At last a Biochemist! The chapter was "ok". Not really that great but it's understandable since the chapter was used for introducing a new character. Again, Biochemists, RULE! :D
9/10/2007 c4 2AboutMySanity
ahola my husband. i dont know what it is but everytime i read this story i get inspired to write another ro story myself or at least update my old one. but im working on something else atm. you know i still think we should write stuff together.

(review for chapter 4)
9/7/2007 c9 4Remir'wrath
Northern sword, i really don't understand what's so confusing about Sitamun's actions? I pretty sure i mentioned the reason she's in Geffen, in fact here it is.

"Pounise had made a number of threatening approaches towards Sitamun and her sisters, and that was why her father had sent her off as a consort to the Geffenese Prince. He told her that the life of a servant girl in Geffen was better by far than the life of a Morrocan princess, and once she had her chance, she had to escape."

No matter how much pride she has, she'll still honor her father and pharaoh.
9/6/2007 c8 4Northernsword
Nice chapter. The clash of cultures sets an interesting background for the events. Some more of Geffenese politics revealed here, quite interesting.

My review for chap 9 was a bit rushed, so here's what else I would have added for it:

First off, expounding on my original comment, Phi's showing a different side of himself, though he has no discernible motives for it. Sitamun's actions just plain confuse me, though; with that much pride it's surprising she went to Geffen at all.

Also, rather than saying 'a woman with a well-endowed chest' or such, it would be better to simply say 'a well-endowed woman' or 'a woman endowed with a/n *insertadjective* chest/whathaveyou.
9/6/2007 c9 Northernsword
Their actions confuse me... Not much else to add
8/29/2007 c3 2AboutMySanity
i loved this chapter(chap 2/3rd entry)! At first i thought the acolyte girl would become a chracter but then u insinerated her! i dont know if it was suppose to be funny but i laughed... i usually do that when people randomly die. yea im slightly sadistic.

anyway~ interesting choice of names. how do u come up with those?

don't know how close you are to finishing but i can tell this one will be just as good as ur first, if not better.
8/29/2007 c9 Cifix
A very funny chapter. I really like Sitamun, she's funny. Well that was all i wanted to say..
8/28/2007 c9 4silverblade919
Yay. Uh Lol Really good fic so far o_o. Update soon plox.:D
8/28/2007 c8 silverblade919
Lol. o_o very ver interesting :O Hn. Nice fic so far :O
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