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for A Pirate's Life For Me 2

1/14/2008 c16 7mrspatrickdempsey
haha a little boy had three glasses of rum! haha

:O John is related to Davy! wow.

great chapter!

Please update soon!
1/4/2008 c14 20LupusCorvus
Hope you can post the next chapter soon with how Jack knows Mary and Adam, and so on.
1/4/2008 c15 7mrspatrickdempsey
*jumps for joy*

Thats very intresting! Tabby's locker? hm I agree with Barbie, doesn't have the same ring to it :P:P

Wait, how on earth did they get the bloody locker? and why is Barbossa there! :S:S

ahh okay please update soon! and I can't wait for APLFM3!
12/29/2007 c13 mrspatrickdempsey
hehe very good chappy! I was giggling alot :P

I wonder what Tom is going to do when he finds out Jack is Elise's father...

Update soon!
12/29/2007 c14 1ChrisBabyGurl93
Hey that does remind me of casey and i think she is also like lizzie they r both kinda stubborn, lol (oh and just to let u know icedivagirl and ChrisBabyGurl93 r the same person)
12/27/2007 c12 7mrspatrickdempsey
I am positive Jack is Elise's father.

Great pazst chapters!

Update soon!
12/27/2007 c11 mrspatrickdempsey
hm intresting... so that pirate is a Pirate Lord right?
12/27/2007 c10 mrspatrickdempsey
Elise, she’s not very fun to be around,” Casey remarked.

“She related to you too,” Meena asked.

“Unfortunately,” Casey grumbled. She rolled her eyes and Meena giggled.

12/27/2007 c9 mrspatrickdempsey
hey look, it's Jack! *giddy smile here*

lol, I wonder who this woman is?
12/27/2007 c8 mrspatrickdempsey
Willy is so stupid :p good chapter:)
12/27/2007 c7 mrspatrickdempsey
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in a... well n insanley long time:P

I haven't been reading fanfiction lately but I'm getting back into it :D

Off to read more chapters:)
8/26/2007 c7 5I am Brooklyn
yeah i am happy Casey got a love intrest.
8/6/2007 c7 ross ithil wen
Great story
8/5/2007 c6 7mrspatrickdempsey
your leaving for two weeks!:O wow, well have fun:)

Good Chapter!

I hope Lizzie and Will wil be alright!

update when you can:)
8/3/2007 c5 LionHeart of France
I like it, it's getting pretty good. Update soon please!
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