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for The Blood Red Rose

6/30/2020 c14 6Pandora154085
Oh my gosh, this is getting good! Please update, I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/14/2019 c1 Randomcaz
Would love an update on this can't wait to see where it goes
5/16/2017 c14 Ellie XO- XO
Pppllllzzzz update faster, I can't wait to know what's gonna happen next, BTW here's a piece of advice use the phrase '' Flashback '' and ''End of flashback '' when you mention some past memories, ok . I got pretty confused when that middle high part suddenly appeared from nowhere but the rest was amazing, Good Job :D:D # update faster plz!
5/16/2017 c6 Ellie XO-XO
Gooood one , I like the way you kept them in character;););)DD
9/23/2015 c14 Guest
When are you going to update this story?! It's a great story!
1/24/2014 c14 Guest
me encanto ! Fantabuloso! La forma en que se va desarrollando la trama y todo! El capitulo ultimo se puso muy de emocion pero ya quiero saber k pasa! Quee pasa a maya y a kurama y al malo!
1/24/2014 c14 Guest
muy bueno!
5/9/2013 c14 K
I like your style even though you kind of made it an american teenage story rather than a japanese one. I think you made both Yoko and Shuichi mostly regular, even though they are very different from regular demon/teenager, forgot to focus on their analytical and calm personality, but I guess love could actually change them both. You mixed up some story details but all in all it's quite an enjoyable read. I do hope you will finish it soon because I got a little curious and I see it's been a long time since the last update so don't even think about not finishing it.
1/16/2013 c14 1MiyaKasumi
please update! i love this story and want to know the rest.
10/26/2012 c14 2mwacha
AH! you have in suspense right now! Please update soon!
9/30/2012 c14 Gimei
That's the worst cliffhanger I've read in fanfiction so far! D:
Can't wait to read the continuation! Kurama get up and start kicking ass! T.T
9/20/2012 c14 5PuppydogSally89
I love your story! I really like the idea of having maya be a main character, you never really get to read many stories with her in them.
9/20/2012 c14 Guest
such a cliff hanger :'
9/19/2012 c14 3LordOfTheWest
Noooooooo! Great chapter but Noooooo! Kurama! Update soooooonnnnn!
9/19/2012 c14 50Death101- Fox Version
... He's not dead. Karasu is an idiot and didn't check. Kurama isn't dead. He'd going to pop up and be Yoko and not be dead. Or he's going to go possess someone if he is dead. But he isn't dead so he won't have to do that. He isn't dead. Karasu is wrong! And he knows it. Why else would he let Maya go? ... Unless he knows if he kills her Koenma will be on his case. Wait. Kurama is techinally part human right? So if Karasu did kill me, Koenma would punish him right? Not that it matters since Kurama isn't dead. Anyways, awesome fight. You had me hooked completely. Only thing was there were a few mistakes. "She'd gladly take thousands of cuts like that if it meant bringing Shuichi bag." I think you wanted back not bag. Unless you wanted a body bag although I don't know why you'd want one since no one died in this chapter. Also, "He couldn't bring himself to finish that sentence. /This is my fault. Hang in there./" The 'he couldn't...' was also in italics. Anyways, awesome job! Please update soon! I can't wait to see Kurama prove Karasu wrong.
(If I'm wrong, don't correct me. If I'm in denial, don't try to fix me. I'll learn what's what in the next chapter.)
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