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1/13/2013 c16 Ed's.Curious.Kitten
Awesome work! I really hope Ed and Rei get back together soon. Or that Elliot grows a set and asks for help with the hommonculi...
6/14/2012 c15 2k4mi
Plz Plz write more ... I just read the two story's today and lie them ! You need to write more really ! And my thoughts are rei and Ed get hooked up again and it's sooo sad that she had a miscarriage and Ed never knew he was goin to be a. Dad and Elliot needs to tell Ed and rei so hy can help him get his sister back and let Ed and rei back together ! And the final note this is the first story where I like a persons character that's been made up sooooooooooo you CANT STOP WRITING YHIS STORY ! More Plz
7/21/2011 c15 Ed's.Curious.Kitten
Please continue and please make Ed and Rei get back together soon!
7/13/2011 c15 5Hadley-sensei
I've renewed my fascination with this story! Great chapter! Keep up the good work.
9/12/2010 c14 fma 4eva
wow!Poor ed! he's so heatbroken * cries* grr elliot i don't care if u trying to save ur sis no one does that to ed! lol anyway its really good please update
7/13/2010 c14 2Hiezen
loves it and the scenes switched moderately..not too fast...so it was easy to follow
7/6/2010 c13 1AliceInNeverLand
muhaha, you have to love mustang, lol. I do have to say, that was a good little bit of a twist to put in there, it wasn't expected and helped move the story along well. I really like this story, keep on writing, your really good at it
7/4/2010 c12 5Hadley-sensei
Pleeeeaaase put up another chapter! This arc just oozes drama!
7/3/2010 c11 2PLBOOKS
Omg I love your stories! You've improved so much in your wrightin update asap! I wanna know what happens next! :D
6/20/2010 c10 Verdandi Iona
Totally awesome story. :D

Keep it up. ^^

Hope to read more soon. ^^
2/21/2010 c9 STEPHANIE
OMG this story makes me want to cry *sniff* all the emotion, love, jealosy, and ED-ness *sniff* *holds hands together up to her face with shines in her eyes and backround* i just...just...dont even know how to put.You are doing a good flipplin job on this story i really really really want you to finish it *goes on her knees with hands in her hand up to her face* IM BEGING YOU! PLEASE FINISH IT!
2/1/2010 c9 1AliceInNeverLand
yay, a review for you so you can update! I really like your story, and your one that came before, your a really good writer. I love how you have kept the stuff out of FMA, and also added your own things and changed somethings, yet it all works out well together, and seems like it should be a part of the series. Well, the first two seasons anyway, i refuse to watch brotherhood, the artist is different, ed's face looks funny to me, and some things are off in the design, it drives me nuts ;p . ANYWAY (sorry, im hyper, ive had cookies...) keep on writing and updating, i cant wait to read more!
1/23/2010 c9 14Cotton1Candie
Cute story...Kinda depressing though...Elliot's kinda...neeaah in my view...I mean, he loves Rei and doesn't want her to get hurt but he also loves his sister which the Homunculus currently have...they obviously want Ed for something. And if they do get him Rei will be hurt and all that stuff...buh I'm on a rant! I'm so sorry 'bout the fact that ya had to listen (or read) me ranting about this...ANYWAY y'all better have the next chapter up soon or I'll eat all your delicious cupcakes that I made.

Peace love and pocky,

8/11/2009 c8 2Guns-n-Freckles
i understand elliot...but i still dont like him for stealing Rei away from ed plus he'd betray her for his sister...who's prbabaly dead..
8/11/2009 c2 Guns-n-Freckles
GOD DAMN I HATE WHINRY...she said the exact opposite of what Hawkeye and Mustang told Ed...I hate her...so deeply...i want to...throw her of the eiffel tower and then put her in a mixer and then a meat grinding machine...then let barry the chopper chop her little pieces even more...(my imagination got outta hand) WHINRY IS RUINING REIxED..she a bitch
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