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11/5/2014 c1 6potterheadcharles
OMG, a short but one of the best Harry/Tonks...Reallly...Oh How I Wish This Was A Lonngggg StORY
9/15/2013 c1 MyRandomName
Very nice story.
7/17/2011 c1 Basilisk1
Nice job as far as thoughts go. I would've hoped it wouldn't be quite be so costlly to Harry to get rid of the hanger-ons,(cough Ron,Ginny cough)and the Bushy headed Bookworm rule freak(I only use that term when she's not paired with Harry).
6/27/2010 c1 21twistyguru
Paranoia: intense, well-written, poignant. Well done. Screw the DLPers.
6/20/2008 c1 Dark-Knoxy
its weird, i listen to music while reading, and make youtube playlist and the sonf that was playing when i read this was snow patrl chasing cars and it went really well with this fic.
6/16/2008 c1 CJ
I liked that you kept the writing short, you kept all of it centered around the theme. The only problem I had with it was the ending, it didn't feel any different than the beginning or middle, so it seemed like it isn't finished.
6/15/2008 c1 bukay
An interesting one-shot. I'm not a fan of disfigured!harry, but in this case it's more of a study of character change that happens to him after short and litarally bloody battle. Liked also the way you portrayed the reaction of his friends as well as the scene with the arrival of aurors... 4/5
6/15/2008 c1 2The Lolrus
;_; Where's the rest of it? Anyways, I enjoyed it. :-) 9/10
8/8/2007 c1 Aoedes Mortis
It is a really good one-shot fic. Thanks!
7/30/2007 c1 16AegisX-TAIL


kinda sad the way it ends...

but kinda good in a good way as well...

good work ... Adios for now and see you around...

7/30/2007 c1 1phlogiston
Nicely written - it had a very intriguing vibe to it. You're write about it being more like a thought piece, it has a kind of detached feeling to it, but no in a bad way. Like you really are just a spectator for it all. (Which we are... but you actually manage to write it like that...)
7/30/2007 c1 Maxmilian
Interesting piece of work. U should continue this.

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