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for The Wickedy Truth

8/30/2007 c23 lizardmomma
very nice ending...well done
8/30/2007 c23 1peppybennett
Absolutely fabulous! Thank you for keeping the pace and working as hard as you did. Every day I would look forward to each chapter and enjoyed every line of The Wickedy Truth. With great anticipation I am hoping that you will ride the 'light' and create a second story soon.

Thank you again for sharing your talent. -Peppy Bennett
8/30/2007 c23 Corazon90
I really liked this story. Very cute. Hope to read more from you, soon.
8/29/2007 c23 2Triqums
no the story ended:( but it really was an amazing story. thanks for this story
8/29/2007 c23 31treehillcharmed
really good! i hope there's more stories in the future!
8/29/2007 c1 1peppybennett
This is in response to member: allenterrill (2007-08-28, ch 12, review)

The next passage is taken from Chapter 12 of "The Wickedy Truth" - 'Those memories were not so long ago to someone who had existed for centuries.'

I understand your point and if analyzed your point is made by the timeline listed below. Leo came into his whitelighter powers since his death during WWII an educated assumption would

be that this story takes place in 2007. Accounting for his actual living life (assume at least 18 years) and additionally his after life another 70 years. Considering the aforementioned that would infact give him 88 years in existance. So in this case you are correct. This is only the case if MS. Bertrand is following the story line of the television show "The Charmed Ones".

I understand what you are saying about centuries of living for Leo but here is my argument. Leo could have lived another human and/or etheral/spirit life before his recent life during the 20' and 30's. Even If Ms. Bertrand has decided to follow suit with the television show (which will always leave room for interpretation) we know that he is aware of the beginning

of the Warren line (c 1700's). Remember in the third season of Charmed Melinda Warren was brought back by the Charmed Ones to banish Matthew Tate back into the locket and while in the attic both Leo and Melinda Warren shared quote by Shakespear. The familiarity in their communication leads one to believe that there is prior knowledge of each other.
8/29/2007 c22 lizardmomma
nice work
8/29/2007 c22 peppybennett
Very nice transition into "The Mother" I am looking forward to the conclusion.
8/29/2007 c22 7charmedchick34
ooh, now they know! yay! i can't wait for the battle!
8/28/2007 c12 7Greathe
400? That definately doesn't fit. Try maybe 80 years. Leo hasn't been around that long, he died during world war two, not the crusades. And that means the whole thing about always watching the Halliwell family doesn't work either. The first time he met the halliwells was supposedly when grams was a hippie. I've liked your story up to this point, and I'll keep reading, but that really needs to be fixed.
8/28/2007 c22 2Triqums
yay leo told them. oww the battle is coming...please update soon
8/28/2007 c22 31treehillcharmed
oh snap. the mother aox sounds scary.
8/28/2007 c21 1peppybennett
'He found all three sisters sitting in the conservatory. The room was glowing with candlelight and the soft light of a single tiffany lamp in the far corner.' My two favorites lines in Chapter 21. Hope you are recovering well and I look forward to the final chapter(s). However, as with any great story I am mournfull that this will be the ending but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end.
8/27/2007 c21 lizardmomma
Good job, but I can't believe that they won't ever give him a chance, what bitches
8/27/2007 c21 7charmedchick34
oh i hope she gives him a chance! and i don't want them to have that future!
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