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for Incident in a Tumbleweed Town

10/7/2006 c1 Tee
I have to say, this is a story that's stuck in my memory for just ages. Well done flight of fancy. I shall always remember Tumbleweed Town.

5/12/2005 c1 Tee
I've read this one once before, and I love the visual of the "herd" as it crosses the road. good fun.
12/6/2001 c1 McKay2
I really enjoyed this. Especially the noble tumbleweed sacrificing itself for it's fellows.
12/17/2000 c1 1SnyperKat
That was pretty cool! One of my best friend's nickname is Tumbleweed. ;)
10/11/2000 c1 faces gurl
i think that was a very good well written story for real
10/4/2000 c1 char
cute. could have cut some excess descriptions from characters, after all, if they're reading the story, they already have a sketch of our guys.
7/11/2000 c1 Spirit of Christmas Past
This was great. I could almost see this a part of an actual episode (The only problem was nothing exploded! And no crazy inventions were built:).

I especaily liked Murdock's delusion...

Any way, I certainly hope you post more stuff from this fandom...You have the knack!
7/6/2000 c1 tee
I loved the discriptions of each of the characters. Very eleoquent. It was a very nice story. Good work.
6/30/2000 c1 10JDSampson
How lovely! Maybe that's a strange word to describe an A-Team story, but I think it fits. You have a very nice style of writing and I could see every moment of Murdock and those tumbleweeds. What I like best is how this story deals with how they all handle Murdock and his flights of fancy. Excellent job.
6/29/2000 c1 superfarmer
Loved it. Very cute. :)
6/27/2000 c1 BoonDoggle
Loved it! Really liked the way you introduced each character. I know you wrote this way back in '85, so please dig up some more for us to read!
6/26/2000 c1 Ukyou
A great story! Murdock was wonderful, you have to love his delusions! All the guys were very true to character too. Again, a great read.
6/26/2000 c1 kalr
A most wonderful story. Characters are very true to themselves and the story is very entertaining.
6/24/2000 c1 L.A. Whitfield
I really liked this one! I loved the way each character was introduced. It drew a very good picture of them, explaining each person with great detail. It was a very well written story. Murdock really made me laugh with his tumbleweed.

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