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9/25 c67 nightpurr1
I went back and restarted this story all over this time to the end.
Yes that is right I liked it so much I have read this at least 4 times from start to its ending at that point. I really enjoyed it each time.
The planned battle I didn't really understand it sounded like it was going to be Harry, Sev and Ron against Tom and any death eaters there. Which could of been very bad if Tom had call his death eaters to view it. I didn't expect the battle to go the way it did. I wish you would of left and completed answer to way their surprise help was there. I guess I can guess tho. Over all great story as you always do. Thanks for the time and effort you give.
Thanks for the entertainment
8/27 c67 WMB
Fantastic story loved reading it
Thanks for the enjoyable read
7/28 c2 31SapphireKageKyuura
God, Severus, you might want to stop relying on Dumbledore, he'd get all his faithful minions killed with his 'for the greater good' bullshit he spouts. Also I hate dumbledore, he's sort of the reason (other than Voldermort of course) that Harry's life was ruined because of a prophecy. Instead of letting Harry have a normal life, he didn't like that Harry was powerful even as a baby, so he had Trawlaney (or however her last name is spelt), to forge a prophecy to have him kill the dark lord, if you really think about it; is actually Dumbledore himself, because he wanted harry's fortune and titles. He created Lord Voldermort by placing him repeatedly in a abusive orphanage even though Tom had asked to stay at Hogwarts. Of course the asshole that Dumbledore is refused. And he did the same mistake with Harry as well, by placing him in a muggle family he knew would be abusive to him. So I wouldn't be surprised if he turned dark at least a dark grey at best.
7/23 c60 12excessivelyperky
When someone said Macnair would be tortured to death by Voldemort, my first impulse was 'you say that like it's a bad thing'. But yes, he would probably end up saying enough of something to get our heroes in more trouble than they're already in.

And Snape's solution is probably the correct one anyway.

I have a bad feeling about who's going to get to bell the cat (put the cuffs on Voldie). Anyway to convince Lucius or Narcissa to do it?
7/22 c19 Drakena
never thought I'd say this but i like this Ron
7/22 c19 Valentina
Hello. Your story is missing some pieces, the marriage contract just to name an example, but apart from the rest the story is overwhelming. Correct soon please.
5/28 c10 6loveprass
At this point everyone is pisses at the death eaters for having all the fun with the dursleys
5/17 c9 Mattnunescavalheiro
Honestly mate , the story is fine and is good sev/harry stuff but your prose leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe it's just not my cup of tea. At points you seem to be spot on with how english people speak and your prose is fluid and engaging , but then at random moments (especially when narrating severus snape) your writing sounds distinctly american and it just seems to toss me right out of the story . Good luck out there , this one isn't for me though.
4/28 c59 12excessivelyperky
Excellent transitional chapter. And I feel for Ron, I really do, I'm a Boston Red Sox fan (it was a mightly long time in the desert from 1967 to 2004).

And I am a little surprised that Macnair doesn't try a bit of fisticuffs, but it's probably just as well.
4/8 c34 FanficYoshi
What the absolute hell. Ginny/Dumbledore! Jesus. Does anyone know how to do a memory charm? I kinda need it after this chapter.
4/1 c67 Stacy Damato
I love this story hope to see what happens next
3/28 c58 excessivelyperky
Good chapter; yes, the cuffs are a possible solution, and Nurmengard a good place. Of course, it's a pity that Lockhart can't put a Global Obliviate on Voldie, but you can't have everything.
3/19 c67 1Eagle-Eyes
Wonderful ... Wonderful...Wonderful

Keep writing as life allows
3/16 c67 1Silkylove13
Loved every minute of the story, just like all your others. I hope you continue to be inspired to write such amazing creations. Now to continue reading and catching up on the rest of them :)
3/11 c67 someofusarereachingforstardust
I loved this! Thank you
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