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for Haunted Jaded Eyes

9/22 c50 l30rusty
9/22 c48 l30rusty
TIME BUBBLE why not use it
9/22 c47 l30rusty
why not use the time bubble then they'd get a month in half a day to work on antidote
9/20 c27 l30rusty
this is dumb tell two people without occlumency which Dumbledore can take the information from
9/18 c67 fallenangel8635
Good read thank you
8/26 c1 vgriffin4
Sorry for the bad typing and rereading of my comment. Plus it was meant for chapter 67 not 1.
8/26 c1 vgriffin4
I have followed this story from the start. Granted there are a few mishaps, but your stories are some of the best there are on Fanfics. Again a very great story, well done I enjoyed it greatly. There a reason I come back to your site a reread your works. There are z few i really wish you would finish instead of discontinuing them, mainly your Twlight stories they were all very good but you stopped writing on them. But none the less your work is great, on o the next reread. THANS FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT It's been fun.
7/9 c67 Guest
I loved the story. But you've got Harry buying the Newspaper TWO Times. Once when he Fired REATER SKEATER the Repoter. Then at the end of the story you baught the NEWSPAPER again?
5/2 c11 Discord 123
sounds like it will be a great adventure
3/1 c67 Guest
My second time reading this and loved it as much as my first time
2/28 c67 aemilyl24
Great story!
2/19 c1 Guest
You are a sick fuck that should have been drowned at birth. Eat shit you fucking piece of trash.
11/20/2022 c67 Jessica01329
I thought he already bought the daily prophet. back when he sent Rita skeeter to Azkaban
11/17/2022 c27 Himechi99
The only thing that upset me is the fact that, they prefer to have her married to a "pedophile" old guy, than being a squib and living in the muggle world, I mean, she could study, go for college or everything and have a good life, without magic, losing its not that bad. It's tiresome.
8/4/2022 c67 Guest
good story, but a question I thought Harry had already bought the paper after he put down Rita?
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