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for Does It Have to Be This Way?

8/23/2012 c11 robinloverforeve
update now please this is so good so does robin stay immortal
6/19/2011 c11 7Grievousorvenom
are you going to continue? pleeeeease say yes D:
9/29/2007 c9 44LilyHellsing
Okay, first off, this story contains WAY too many rushed short ass chapters. The girl Alandra has no flaws from what I see. I agree with that reviewer Reader or w/e; She seems to be a Mary sue. Get that fixed. You need to add more detail, a LOT more detail. I'm reading through this and I'm thinking, "Okay, so that happened..." I can't picture it because there's no DETAIL.
9/29/2007 c4 Reader
...What is the flaw in that girl? She's a MARY SUE! :\ Im gonna stop reading this little story now since it's circled around a MARY SUE
9/24/2007 c7 queen
Okay, listen.Slade has three children.The first born is a son named Grant, he dies.The second is a son named Joseph, a.k.a Jericho.The third is a daughter named Rose.Please feel free to look this stuff up on wikipedia.
9/24/2007 c2 queen
i like it ok.But where did you get Alandra?
8/9/2007 c7 2Balance in the Dark
Sorry to say but this chapter was kinda pointless. Nothing really happened. They wake up, have some words with slade and then there out again. Then Robin wakes up again has some more words with slade and now he's out again. Like I said pointless.

Sorry. BITD
8/3/2007 c5 Balance in the Dark
Much too short for a chapter. You should have written more. Nothing interesting happened in this chapter. The guys just 'talked'. It was kinda boring. But don't lose hope, with slade in the next one it is sure to be more interesting. It usually is anyway.

Laterness, BITD
8/3/2007 c4 19chaostheory1989
this looks like it might be interesting i like the idea and i will keep reading it keep upthe good work
8/1/2007 c4 4GhostWriter7737




You no i think u mite actually have something with this one just change the names the settings and descriptions and write mor and u cood actually have a real story.
8/1/2007 c4 2Balance in the Dark
Hum...interesting. A little dark but that's ok. I like the idea of an immortal apprentice but dlsky did such a good job in 'cat and mouse' that it will be hard to beat. But in anycase I am looking forward to the next chapter. BITD
7/31/2007 c3 Balance in the Dark
Here's my reviews. Chapter 1 was kinda short. Chapter 2 was a little interesting, but chapter 3 was good. I was worried it wasn't going to be an apprentice fic, but I'm glad you didn't disappoint me.

I like that Alandra is slade's daughter and I am very interesting to see where you take this. Looking forward to the next one, BITD

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