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for Back Again, Harry?

9/29 c20 Avirvea
Hi! I know you haven't updated in a while, and that you might not even be reading this, but I just wanted to say that I think your work is really great, and that I would eagerly read more if you ever write more for this story. Keep being awesome! :)
9/15 c20 GenieM
I really hope you finish this story! It's very good.
9/10 c20 mumphie
Doing a reread and I really was hoping there would be more! This is one of the best HP stories! Please find your muse to get your mojo motivated! ;)
9/4 c20 TheLovelySlytherin722
I know it’s been 4 years since you’ve updated but I hope you continue this story. It’s one of the better time travel one I’ve found.
8/25 c3 the-loststone
Great chapter! I personally am glad Harry still doesn't like Snape (also I don't think that even if Lily and James never got together or if Lily and Snape didn't argue that day then that Lily would date Snape. He had a crush on her for years and she didn't reciprocate, and also just because that one event was the catalyst, they still would have ended their friendship because Snape, even while being friends with Lily, was going to join the death eaters) and I am still offended that JK named one of the kids after him instead of Rubeus Hagrid (the sweetheart who was always there for Harry and introduced him to magic).
8/23 c20 Grilled Cheese
I love the way you've handled the Harry-goes-back-in-time story. You've got lots of twists and turns and I love seeing where they're going. Just a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it!
8/12 c20 Daneu
I have enjoyed reading your story immensely! The thought process and indepth character development are great, but not only that, this story is very enjoyable. I hope for your return and wish you well in the meantime.
7/29 c3 vghjkijhgfdfghjk
7/27 c20 Raeger
Enjoyable read! Look forward to more of your writing.
7/13 c20 Nora of the Sea
7/11 c20 bet7368
Just found your story really enjoying. Hope all is well. Have followed. Thank you for writing it.
7/4 c20 Guest
Very enjoyable. I like this version of everyone... well except Dumbledore he’s still a jerk.

Thanks for sharing it.
6/17 c7 Spidersauce
Harry is being way too pathetic around Snape imo. Or is it his 11-year-old biology?
6/17 c7 Spidersauce
Horrified at the idea of becoming a murderer . . .
Mr. Author, believe it or not, words mean different things. Killing something does not, in fact, equate to murdering something.
There is no equation in which Harry can kill Voldemort in anything other than self defense, or defense of others.
Unless it's Harry that doesn't understand . . . ? But if he doesn't then that entirely invalidates his belief that he is not a child, and hadn't been for a long time.
6/17 c6 Spidersauce
A flair for Transfiguration right after seeing his parents in the mirror and getting an heirloom of his father's wouldn't seem out of place whatsoever. No Tom connectiom thought process, that's overly paranoid.
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