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for I Won't Say I'm In Love

8/2/2012 c7 8Hog s Head
Here are my thoughts
1: Great story, loved it.
2: Marluxia may be a rapist, but at least he's straight.
3: Xemnas addicted to poppy seeds? I believe it.
2/22/2011 c6 23vildtiger
NOOO! Axel!
2/22/2011 c4 vildtiger
funny... they make a good couple. or maybe it´s just you who make them a sweet couple XD

anyway it´s a great story so far
11/8/2010 c7 5Jillian Bowes
aww! I just loved that story! Most of the people were OOC, but I don't care! It was just awesome! I loved the fighting scene!
4/4/2010 c7 9One Sky-One Dream-One Destiny
I had to make a fanfiction just to review this! This is one of my 3 all time favorite Larxel Fics and the way you wrote it was perfect and just perfect! and lol Zexion is chef XD And the fight with Marly...the first time i read it i almost cried D: then for demyx, zexionm, and larxen singing when ever i read it i have to turn on the video for it! your an amazing write so keep it up ^.^

~Were all just one winged angels and we can only fly embracing each other, got it memorized?

~Im not shy just quietly plotting you doom,got it memorized?
3/19/2010 c3 8psychicshipping
You are a poet! It was poetry in thought! Hot sauce in the pancakes! I might just try that on my sibs. You are a genius! Keep up the good work!
8/10/2009 c6 Dinexa Writer XV
I wasn't allowed to post this on the last chapter, but I hope you write more Larxel stories. Maybe something where Xemnas seperates Larxene and Axel cuz of their obsession supposibly "getting in the way" of their work for the Organization. And Demyx and Zexion save the two and form another stupid little group like the SAD SALT thing.
8/10/2009 c7 Dinexa Writer XV
When I first read this I seriously thought you were gonna kill Axel. I was practually sitting on my keyboard you do a good job at this.
8/10/2009 c5 Dinexa Writer XV
If I am getting on your nerves, sorry, I'm new here. TeeHee PageMaster. If Demyx dyed his hair I'd be so pissed.
8/10/2009 c4 Dinexa Writer XV
I must be getting really annoying, but I can't help it. This story is really good. I can see this actually happening. I luffles Larxel so I might write a few as well! Not stealing your ideas of course. Bravo! *claps*
8/10/2009 c3 Dinexa Writer XV
Again amazingly good. I'd so get a copy if this became a novel, but I couldn't help but notice spelling errors. Off has two f's. SAD SALT XD I luffles Demyx. And the AxelxLarxene pairing.
8/10/2009 c1 Dinexa Writer XV
I love this story! I've read it at least a 100 times and it is so good! You might wanna check your spelling though...
5/15/2009 c7 AlysiaRhythm
Aw.^^ Good story!
2/25/2009 c1 Emi-cha
i luv axel and larxene! ^^
1/14/2009 c7 3dragontamer16
This was so sweet! SAD SALT rulz!
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