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8/3/2007 c4 104The Light's Refrain
Hiya again! Sorry for the late review(s). Now it's catch-up time...

Heheheh...poor Demyx, victim of Saix's thrashing and being "almost" helped up by Axel XP. And I loved it when Zexion put his hands over his face while Demyx began to sing :P.

Hmm...the thoughts of Axel and Larxene don't sound natural, though. There would be much more denial on the inside, perhaps even more so than on the outside.

As a side note, great job on theri nicknames for each other XD.

Cya in a little bit!
8/3/2007 c5 1Sunset Guardian
aww! I love this story! it deserves way more reviews! I like the fact that Demyx and Zexion are spying on Axel and Larxene. And I adore the fluff in every chapter! very well written story! oh yeah, by the way, I wouldn't worry too much about the fact that Larxene was OOC in chapter 2. There really isn't any way to make her seem helpless. So in my opinion, you did the best you could with that situation. anyway, great story! please update soon!
8/3/2007 c5 jgsparks
"She blushed at his romantic attitude."

HAHAHAHAHAHHA your such a nerd!

But i still love you hahahaahhahahaah

"Axel, white roses are my favorite! Thank you!"

YAY she has good taste, white Roses are my fav too! :)i like her

ttyl, luv-Jay (even though its 2:25 here and im SO tired, i still made time to read this :) cause im just that wonderful!)
8/1/2007 c3 104The Light's Refrain
Heh, yay for Demyx and Zexion! XD (fan of Zemyx)

Larxene feels off. Her teasing with Axel is just fine, but I would think that she wouldn't just roll over and let Mar try ot rape her. After all, she could just shock him whenever she touches him. And if he did succeed (or almost succeed), then Lar would be busy planning revenge, not cowering from him.

Everyone else is done right, though, especially Zexion and Demyx XD.
8/1/2007 c1 The Light's Refrain
Haha, cute. I liked the part where Larxene carressed Axel's chin and called it even :P.

The third paragraph felt a little redundant though (though I liked the strip poker comment XD), and you should show their reactions more through what they do or say rather than narration.

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