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for Dark 2

7/15/2010 c1 19Menea111
Really great, the three fics, "Another", "Choice" and this one are exactly the kind of fics I like to read. I won't really telle why I liked it becaus eit is the same reason than Laustic and Fen-crya. I just say I like your jealous Tsuzuki a lot!

Keep writing!
8/2/2007 c1 10Fen-crya
.:Feels important:.

I like it much better the second time around. Plus, you improved the scenes in ways that made this fan fiction unique.

So as promised I am leaving a review for you. I really did like it; especially the end. I believe if something like this really happened Hisoka would have no choice but to continue being with his partner. Tsuzuki is the only one to really touch his heart.

Seeing a kind of almost sadisticness in Tsuzuki and his other side really gives his character more depth, I believe. Plus the fact that if this were to happen, Tsuzuki would be conflicted. And you should that.

But still, as always, I ALSO believe you should lengthen your stories and draw out the scenes more.

8/2/2007 c1 7laustic
This was good, very good. I like how you captured the darkness and guilt Tsuzuki felt about his feelings for Hisoka. I think it's very in character for Hisoka to stay with Tsuzuki no matter what. Their bond is incredibly powerful and I don't see either of them throwing it away, no matter what. I think you did a great job showing that.

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