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10/6/2007 c5 5tashie1010
lol i love it! i love the storyline so far and i think your a great writer, so please update very soon or my army of imaginary firend will hunt you down and eat bits of your ears! MWAHAHAHA...*coughs* hehe, so, uh, please update soon XD
9/15/2007 c5 gymgurl
i love it!
9/15/2007 c5 4Blehblehblehatrapie
O will and elizabeth what has will done?

yay for updates!
9/14/2007 c5 14The Devil Wears Westwood
LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Now, this is getting really good. how do they know each other. i liked the punch, and i they were together or something, i wanna see an angry Djaq. and i liked the disclaimer. next time, please do the rest of what i suggested. and i need a disclaimer if you don't mind. i am almost finshed with the next chapter in Forest Royals!
9/9/2007 c1 6R.C. Wulfe
Interesting! This is new, can't wait to read how it all unfolds, looked interesting from the summery. : )
9/2/2007 c4 4Blehblehblehatrapie
Loving the chapters so far..and you have to continue!

ali x
9/1/2007 c3 2NotSupposedToBeHere
Great start. I can't wait for more, so update soon!
9/1/2007 c4 14The Devil Wears Westwood
i liked the begginging to that. i may start something like that on the new story *the one i told you about last night* about. and you were talking about me again. i do get mad at you for obbsessing over much. but that doesn't mean you have to get on Marian's last nerves either! i liked the gisborne here.

*and also, even though i get mad at you for obssessing over much, you could get mad at me for obsessing over robin.*
9/1/2007 c4 9loredana
i was really liking this girl ... but now i find out she's been messing with the nose? Not the nose! I don't like her anymore :)

jut kidding ... good story.
8/22/2007 c3 4Blehblehblehatrapie
Loving it!

thats an evil cliffhanger!

lol please update.

ali x
8/22/2007 c3 14The Devil Wears Westwood
hahaha! using me, how ideal. of course i knew that though. and i am guessing the one who was talking was probably robin. i know that one of the archers had to be him. and possibley marian? oh, i don't know the second, i can get the first! that i know i have! cuz you promised that you would drag in my favorite outlaw in soon! and sure, you can have much for all i care. and you do scare me with your obessions on him. IT IS DRIVING ME NUTTY! And i don't like the cliff hangers! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! I DON'T LIKE CLIFFHANGERS! Update soon, plez! drag in either Marian and Robin or Robin and Much, good combo there. or Will/Allan, Will/Djaq, Robin/John, or Djaq/Robin. But hopefully Marian/Robin or Much/Robin!
8/20/2007 c2 Unread-Letters
i am insanely intrigued by your story!
8/17/2007 c2 The Devil Wears Westwood
great job like usual. and just how do i know that you are refering to me deanparker? and i know that you are because you have said it so yourself. and i will update soon, so try not to overexaggerate, or i might just change my mind. i will be watching for more, and plez don't kill anyone. i would really hate to see that happen. i will tell you now, that if you do, i will not update for weeks or a least a good month!
8/4/2007 c1 The Devil Wears Westwood
well, you review me, and now i am going to return the favor! great story, i really like it! well, i will keep watching for more, so keep up the good work!
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