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5/11/2020 c2 Guest
Really enjoyed this story, I'm on a real wee Tracy binge at he moment. Poor Scott, how dare she treat him that way and try and replace their mum? The gall. Verbal abuse would be so awful for a child that age too. And all the time he was sucking it up for the rest of his family. I think this sheds light on how hard it is to be a single parent, working and looking after children. Five children! All primary school age no less. I felt a bit sorry for Jeff too, honestly - she was pretty manipulatuve being nice to all the younger boys and lying about Scott. I'm glad at the end Jeff decided to take a trip with Scott alone to hopefully reverse the damage. Love this story, I'll look at your others!
10/27/2019 c1 372JanetM74
I love this short. Third time reading (at least) and it’s a fascinating character study.

I often wonder what if Jeff hadn’t arrived at the hospital when he did?
8/30/2019 c2 JanetM74
Very good! Enjoyed the storyline.
6/16/2012 c2 Selsey3485
I really liked this story. You did a great job!
12/16/2008 c2 37black4minister
oh, that was a brillent story, short but actually a perfect length for the story. i loved the tracy's and i think you captured the characters perfectly. i love protective scotty stories and i'm going off to read the rest of your stories now..
8/11/2007 c1 quiller
A good story, and no, I don't think anyone was OOC. Scott was trying to protect and watch out for his brothers at his own expense, which is very Scott. I also liked the litle touches like Virgil drawing a fish in syrup on Gordon's pancake.

But please watch your apostrophes. Ask yourself each time 'Does something belong to this word? answer : yes - apostrophe'. OR 'Is there more than one of this thing? answer : yes - NO apostrophe'.

You can always ask me to check a story for you

8/10/2007 c2 60Sam1
I'm so sorry for the delay in reviewing this chapter...ff acted up and then I forgot, sorry.

I'm so glad that Emma was found to be the monster she was and that Scott was able, with the love of his family, to overcome the mental and emotional abuse he'd suffered at her hands.

Wonder what else you may come up with.
8/10/2007 c2 jendarra
I loved this.

Keep writing about them as kids, especially you know who.

And no I haven't forgotten about Mind Games either. But I'll forgive you because of this one.
8/9/2007 c2 Ambernine
Good story. Very different take on their childhood and a very plausible one, too. I was about to have a fit when Scott obeyed Emma without question at the hospital. I'm so glad he finally yelled when she wanted to be called "Mother." YEACH!

My only criticism is, that this story needed one more chapter to truly complete the tale. I would have liked for you to go into some detail about what happend with Scott & Jeff immediately after. Emma had just laid the mother of all guilt trips on poor Scott. Was his going into shock strictly physical or psychological? How did Jeff find out all that had been going with Scott? As a reader and a lover of all things Tracy, we didn't get the satisfaction of seeing Emma get her comeuppance. We had to suffer, along with Scott, at her abuse but we didn't really get to witness the big payback. Most of all, Jeff should have had a real confrontation with Emma. Just the thought of it makes me cringe.

The camping trip was a nice idea, but I think you jumped to it too soon. I really liked your story, so much that I wanted to read more :)
8/8/2007 c2 64epalladino
This was an interesting story. The characters and emotions were well handled. That being said-you could use a beta. Most of your spelling and grammar are pretty good, but the number of odd spellings and typos was distracting in places.

Beth Palladino
8/7/2007 c2 6team.aaf
Yay! I really enjoyed that.

I can imagine how someone telling you how everyone hates you all the time, could eventually lead you to believe that. Poor Scott.

But at least it all got sorted out in the end, and let's hope Emma gets left somewhere nasty for a very long time!

Well done!
8/7/2007 c1 team.aaf

Emma's really, really, really, a nasty piece of work. She's only looking out for herself, and well, it's a good job our boys are (as you put it) so loyal to each other.

Loving this, I can't wait for the next chapter!
8/6/2007 c2 9DeathRealm
I really enjoyed this story. It was a great idea I must say; protective Scott, bad babysitter and irate Jeff make for a perfect story!

Good job once again :]

- DR
8/6/2007 c2 Cutiepie2191
Aw... That was such a good story! I absolutely loved it! You did an amazing job. Keep up the good work:)
8/6/2007 c2 72criminally charmed
I didn't think it was OOC, liked it, especially when that little twit (had another word, but I don't think it would get past the sensors) got sacked.
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