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12/12/2012 c6 1brica
This was pretty cool.
6/2/2009 c6 2Khelek-sul Renai
A Pheonix Wright cross-over? WIN! Go Regal!

Well written! These were fun to read.
8/19/2008 c1 1Pentekonter
Ok, sorry about this, but it wouldn't let me submit another review for Ch. 6: The Right Way for revenge. Ignore the idiotic review for that. Literally one hour after i walked away from reviewing that, i was standing there and went..."Doh!" Regal and the other guy - yeah, i remembered all that. The whole Pheonix Wright thing just threw me off...and boy, do i feel stupid. Anyway, to comment on the whole story...

I love it.

Your writing has this 'crispness' to it that i wish mine did, and the humor in it - man, i wish i could do that *sigh* I do hope you get another crazy idea for another chapter, because all of this is just plain hilarious.

Please do update it. It is just too funny. And where do you get the ideas?

...I'm just repeating everything over again. OK! It is now late, and i am going to bed!

Good night, Good morning, Good afternoon, and Good evening!

P.S. Longer review means a longer chapter, right? (Turn about is fair play!)
8/18/2008 c6 Pentekonter
Ding! another review! Man, i am so over-loading your mail box with these...

"*ding!* oh look, a review! *ding* another one, sweet! *ding* Hmm.. *ding* ok buddy, thats more than enough *ding* seriously, you - *ding* ok, thats *ding* stop - *ding* he-*ding**ding**ding**ding**ding* ARG!"

Oh, the horror...Now, about the chapter...

...*blinking* I are confused...Isn't this a ToS fic-silliness? Unless Bryant and Vharley are from ToS...can't remember, been WAY too long since i played the thing...m...one of my favorite games in the world...i need to play it again...hm...
8/18/2008 c5 Pentekonter
Ok, i resent that. Cat's are not evil! A bit finicky maybe, and sometimes they can get angry and claw you if you do something they don't like. And sure, they may walk between your legs when you are going up or down the stairs, or carrying something heavy, or...

...I am not helping my case aren't I?

Gah! Not all cats are evil! enough said!
8/18/2008 c4 Pentekonter
...Oh snap! Those poor, poor kids. And poor, poor Kratos...i am not sure who i feel more sorry for. Hmm, Kratos would be a scary teacher...

Seriously, where is this craziness coming from?
8/18/2008 c2 Pentekonter
Hah...HAHAHAHAHA! I really wasn't expecting that. Seriously...WHERE did you come up with this? Hahahaha! The same as Kratos and his shower *shivers*. I was half expecting you to make it involving Kratos/Yuan *shiver* or whatever...but it was a MUSTACHE! HAHAHAHAHA!
7/21/2008 c2 24The Quote Bandit
This entertains me greatly =D COMMENTS FOR EACH ONE!

1. Wait...MONTH! WTH? Otherwise, yeah, sure he likes showers, but a MONTH? I would take more then that if I could...

2. OMG YOU SAID COUNTENANCE AGAIN! Yes, I will point out every usage of that word...OH I GET THE STORY! XD es the SHAVING STUFF CALLING! XD *rofls a bit late*

3. For some reason, I don't put it past Lloyd...

4. Sometimes even the great ones crack...


6. Yeay, Regal! If your gonna get sent to jail, get sent right!

This was VERY entertaining! Update soon!
7/10/2008 c1 1Acriym

Once a month? I can't live without a shower for a day XD
7/10/2008 c2 Acriym

That made me go "What Just Happend?" XD
6/15/2008 c2 orangeweirdo
Wow... Wow... What just happened? Lol, didnt see that one coming, go figure, lol.
6/15/2008 c1 orangeweirdo
EW! Lol, that was dirty yet funny in a dirty sort of way. No, i totally didnt see that one coming. I totally thought Link was gonna pop out of no where when he was humming the tune and they were gonna have some "fun" lol. Yes, you have a reputation now!
12/11/2007 c3 m
I would have wanted to prod them so badly, too... :)
12/11/2007 c1 m
Do you think his hair is truly auburn or simply stained from accumulated dried blood? ew
11/23/2007 c4 tobe
AhAhAhAh! That sounds like the bonus OVA episode thinger for episode 1! Love it!
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