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8/6/2007 c2 Sychotic
Too lazy to log in today ^_^ i can honestly say from the bottom of my heart... WHAT THE HELL! but not... you know THAT (HA i still havent said or though THAT :P)

Yes! yes u are so stupid ^_^ (aww i still luv ya xD im just agreeing with ya) so anywho hurry with an update yo! OR ELSE!

Fav reviewer fo life yo! -Sychotic
8/6/2007 c2 42freakyanimegal

LOL! XD! That so made sense! For a minute there I thought this was Kruan...which I despise. I'm not into that kind of thing...XP But this was just HILARIOUS...a mustache...lol.
8/6/2007 c2 VeiledDarkness
Oh geez, I didn't even get the whole YuanxMustache thing the first time I read this...But now that I understand it...Hahahaha! That's great! You're such a good writer.
8/6/2007 c1 VeiledDarkness
_ Oh geez! Haha, a monthly shower! That was great! I started laughing when I read that part! Hahaha, eww! XD
8/6/2007 c1 Kagi no Tensai
One shower per month, eh? Eww! How does he stand that?
8/5/2007 c1 yep
actually i did but yay!
8/5/2007 c1 Syzhale
aww i dont care about daily lessons anyways ^_^ i like yer one shots and i still havent asked my self... u know... THAT (thought u could trick me did you? HA)

Your favorite psychotic little reviewer... -Sychotic
8/5/2007 c1 freakyanimegal
GROS.. Lol! XD
8/5/2007 c1 1Nasusi
A collection of oneshots... Sounds good!

Kratos taking a shower! Aw...

I can't wait for you to keep it up!XD
8/5/2007 c1 Higucheeky
All he did was take a shower. That...that's...AWESOME.
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