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8/19 c78 6bruins35
I read all this for that fucking ending... how disappointing
4/18 c8 Runecutter
If i am honest i have a hard time to enjoy this story so far. It has not just the spelling problems ("Hermoine", seriously? Was your beta asleep?) but also the typical time travel story flaws... clinging very closely to the Rowling story (if you are given a second chance, how can you hope to get a better result if you aren't supposed to change major things EARLY? trying to only put in the minisculest amount of changes makes the story unnecessary and the eventual turn to a better result unbelievable.), putting up too short chapters with almost no character development, just jumping from bit that is different to bit that is different, leaving out the parts that could give us an insight in HOW it came to those bits being different by really fleshing out how the characters diverge from "canon".
These first six chapters should have been at best two chapters and mostly dedicated to Harry finding a way to befriending the other two again, maybe even emphasizing how the more mature Harry sees different things in their personalities as good or bad than 11 year old Harry did value. Instead it was wasted on flashes and glimpses of him mistrusting them without coming outright clear to the reader what exactly they did in the past and how the younger ones unknowingly mirror those scenes, the only hint was in this chapter with Ron and "hanging over a cliff".

Together the choppy, badly timed events, the pretty unreastic way they speak to each other and the many misspelled names and Potter specific things like spell names make it hard to enjoy the flow of your story.
11/16/2021 c26 mumphie
I always shake my head about this. Simply put, astrology is divination. Astronomy is the study of the universe - stars/planets. The students at Hogwarts take astronomy.
12/31/2020 c7 32Jake Crepeau
The story about the "butterfly effect" is older than you think. I read it when I was a kid in one of my dad's old science-fiction magazines...from the 1930s. ;D
12/21/2020 c11 love4HP
What exactly have you changed for better, for story, especially for Harry if you are keeping everything as it is? That's only a rewrite of the original story! No training again, no inheritance and no point of keeping friends closer if he has to just relive past and if he cannot be honest with them and share everything like a true friend. One of the most stupid stories I ever read! N this isn't even your own concept, only rewrite.
12/21/2020 c10 love4HP
The concept of him hiding is plain stupid even from his closest friend. Besides what is the point of sending him to past if he has to keep everything as it is. If he cannot change things for better even a little! That's cruel and stupid. No doubt one of the reasons this story doesn't have more views.
2/11/2020 c78 1anjiepotter
great story
2/2/2020 c23 givemetoread
I made it till here, but this is just a rewrite of the original. He's a time-traveller, he KNOWS ahead of time that Marge is going to arrive, and he sits there listening to bullshit?
1/13/2020 c6 Ricardo Soto
Wow why not just mark your story has plagiarism since everything is literally JKR writing with minor insignificant changes. What’s the point of a fanfic if you can write your own story without copying and pasting it. Stop reading after chapter 10 since story was nothing special and you just downplay Harry and Hermione character better of deleting this story
12/17/2019 c2 dezerter707
Nope, sorry can't make it through. Can't dig that deep.
Woww nice story
Btw, do any of you know any nice hhr stories where hermione gets pregnant and hhr basically make a family and have children? THANKSSS! HARMONY FOREVER ️️
10/11/2019 c78 13Manatheron
while I accept your author's notes, the fact that she literally died simply because he died in the first time line would indicate to me that his soul cannot have moved on or she would likely have died as well. So harry at least is still around in some form or another... Possibly a blood protection much like his mother's for him, but I find it hard to believe that she would still live in a timeline where they were closer then the original.

I'm not sure if they ever manage to consummate the marriage (though you did say an additional month or two had passed since they decided the time was right) what is a generally health concept at least in the Christian belief that marriage binds two souls together they are effectively one. (At least when done correctly)

And since I like symmetry, as a third and final point (I did mention three sets of three relics in a previous review did I not?)

He's Harry *Fucking* Potter (pardon my language) The-Man-who-just-wont-quit. He'll be back.

Looking forward to the next part of the series!

(Aka: Manatheron)

PS. Kudos to Old Crow who was the main reason I heard about you!
10/9/2019 c47 Manatheron
Is it odd that while reading this chapter I immediately thought of the manga inuyasha, and the sword that the older brother weilds that cannot cause wounds?
10/9/2019 c38 Manatheron
Most major newspapers do in fact accept articles from even unknown writers if the information contained therein can be verified...
Would be one I suspect would catch any major publications attention... especially if there was a note from serious attached stating everything is to the best of his knowledge true, and that he's willing to take veritaserum to prove it.
10/9/2019 c32 Manatheron
Okay, I'm going to take the age of the fic in question into account here, let him having five castles is also stupidly broken... Although I do freely admit that I rather liked to you gave at least a mild explanation for the amulet being one of three treasures that predated Atlantis. I'm also kind of curious if there will be a third set of three items... 3 to the 3rd you see if you include the hollows.

it also would have made more sense to get sirus involved with draco's case. His mother was a black and sirus should be head of the black family, which means Draco should have recourse to go to him as his own father has basically threatened / disowned him.

Sirus still being guilty should be Rita's spin on him being sentenced to time already served for being an unregistered animagus... I also have a hard time believing that fudge wouldn't have found a way to spin the capture of pettigrew in his own favor. I'm really hoping that next chapter we find out Lucius stepped in or something like that... As a matter of fact I'm currently assuming that pettigrew is how Lucius found out that Harry and Draco were friends.
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