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9/8/2008 c4 blisblop
Take twenty years if you like , well not actually, but don't quit! It's kuwaii.
7/20/2008 c4 cyberkxk
ah, poor little Sasuke. Plz, update soon, I love to see the regretful Itachi.
6/5/2008 c4 Estheriana
you could have itachi nurse him to health and them getting slowly closer with some ligth kisses and kepping everything secret sasuke could babble some nonsense while under fever about wanting to kiss itachi and all that to give him some inntitiative to do it
5/24/2008 c4 Azuri
very good, I like it, there were very few spelling mistakes. I saw NONE at the end. If you have not finished it quite yet, I'd like you to do so quickly. Domo Arigato!
3/24/2008 c4 4Salvaje
aw. poor sasuke. good chapter though. update soon!
3/17/2008 c4 9secret25
Your not giving your self enough credit...i think your doing quite well with this story! I like how its going and so far i don't think i've noticed any mistakes...

I can't really think of a plot or ideas for this...especially since i just started reading SasIta 5 hours ago... But I hope you can get out of your writers block soon or get ideas from someone out there cause I wanna read more...

Oh and my opinion on one matter or maybe more of a request; I like sasuke right now so can you NOT make them grow up yet, sasuke is just so adorable like this...

Though I do feel sorry for him since Itachi is TRYING to ignore him...hmm... Itachi has to get better control of his feelings, even just enough to be around sasuke and refrain from TOUCHING him...-smile-

please try and update soon


3/14/2008 c4 Sora Keyblader
Why is Ita so mean to Sasuke? Awss TTwTT

I bet he's falling in love...yeah...that ususally is the case, XD

Hey! no one's blaming him! XD

I would freak too if I suddenly fell in love with my little brother! (I'm only child XD)

man! I bet Itachi feels guilty, huh? xDD

Hey! It WAS his fault! XD

Update soon! I love this!
3/8/2008 c4 1melody726
well, i didn't see any noticeable spelling or grammar mistakes and it didn't seem rushed at the end. hm, you're suffering from writer's block? O.O well, i can give you one advice, that sometimes helps me, just go with the flow if you're having problems. (i know that i don't have any stories on this site; it wouldn't let me download the first chapter. T.T but, well, just read my profile, please and you'll understand.) ^_^
3/5/2008 c4 3The Bunny Queen
ah! is itachi gay or something? hahah nice chapter... ah itachi's thinking of incest! ew! hahah mkay.. i'm done! please keep writing!
3/5/2008 c4 7buchouslvr
nice that you update. It was a good chapter and waiting fr moree
3/5/2008 c4 Bubba
Here's an idea that struck me while reading chapter three: There's a timeskip to, I dunno, when Sasuke enters high school or something, and during those years, they've grown apart. From there, Itachi and Sasuke can get back together (with more of a plot than that, of course). Or from this point onward, Sasuke starts to hang out with Naruto (and other classmates) more, which Itachi notices as less pleas to stay with him like before. But hey, I'm just the lowly reviewer. Either way, I love your fic, I can't wait to read more whatever you decide to do!
12/13/2007 c3 timme
the chapter's fine. but i wish you would update soon; i'd like to see how itachi fixes this. poor sasuke.
10/14/2007 c3 buchouslvr
this story is bittersweet, so far. I like it. I hope you update soon. I want to know what will happen with sasuke and how itachi will fall in love with sasuke. Oh maybe he realize ho he feels and he is trying to be more distant to sasuke, so the situation can't hurt sasuke. Please update soon
10/9/2007 c3 Hinata888
This story is really good.

what i think you should do is that you should have Itachi run in to see his brother on the ground or something like that. Then you can make up what Itachi is feeling at that moment. This story is really good, keep it up. I liked the last chapter.

the blonde boy...was he deidara? lol ^^
10/5/2007 c3 mint

Don't stop it!

It's fine so far.
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