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6/28/2015 c8 Ohimenana
Yay! Aerith and Leon! Happy ending! Though I wish there's more of AL together. Overcoming those zealous girls, maybe one of them trying to seduce Leon or did something to cause Aerith to have doubts about him and all. Still, happy ending and I'm happy!
10/8/2011 c8 valeria l valentine
awwwwwwwwwww i love this and i's certainly love leon and aerith they so cute
8/5/2008 c8 5Forever Yours. Always
Aww! That was so cute! I love AerithxLeon fluff.

5/24/2008 c8 3animeroxz
I loved this story. It was very sweet and so cute. Leon and Aerith are so cute together and it's one of my favorite couples! You're an awesome author!
2/9/2008 c8 Foi
Aw how sweet. loved it.
2/1/2008 c8 4PyroEra
so glad you finished the fanfic with a nice happy ending! XD

at least you finished it you know, i hate it when authors just stop updating these really fanfics...

well, expecting more wonderful fics from you

12/21/2007 c7 BlazeDragonFire
I enjoyed the story, not bad at all
12/20/2007 c7 PyroEra
hehehe love where the fic is heading to! i absolutely adore aerith/leon! keep up the good work! i must read the completed fanfic!
12/9/2007 c7 Foi
lol your right I wouldnt have known that Aerith had moved on if I hadnt been paying close attention but ya definently more Leon and aerith :D

Loved it by the way
12/9/2007 c3 20regenerate
Normally, I'm a Clerith shipper, but this pairing is so cute! Update soon, hmm?
11/17/2007 c6 7perfect sorceress
Oh my God! Cloud stabbed Aerith and RAN AWAY! Thank God Tifa and Leon were there!

Great story, though right now it's very sad. And Cloud's being all bastard-like.

Update as soon as you can!

- perfect sorceress -
10/29/2007 c6 Foi
Wow that was awesome! loved it
10/20/2007 c6 38SecretBox
"Sorry it took me so long with this, but I was a little brain dead." - Hehe. All is forgiven! Especiially since you updated with such an awe-inpiring chapter! I totally loved it!^^

Okay, first off the characters were done really, really well - Squall was protective over Aerith, Cloud was such a freakin' bastard who could not decide what he wanted (as usual), Tifa was understandably emo over the entire situation, && Aerith was such a self-sacrificing martyr as always -&& the pairing is done just as well. I mean it! Gah. The last scene made me go, "Aww!" Squall really does care for Aerith, doesn't he?

Also, the action scene was done really, really well. I suck at writing fighting scenes, so I generally stay away from them. & I seriously envy you for your uberly-tastic (new word xD) writing skills period. =]

Anyways, I love this. So, so much. I cannot wait for your next update.
9/7/2007 c5 Heka
Wow, I couldn't believe he did that.Cloud deserves his come-uppins for knocking over her flowers and stomping them so carelessly. A fight seems fitting, but I think Aerith really should Interviene. I feel a slight sense of foreshadowing, hmm, I'll just have to wait for the next chapter to see what happens. Can't wait until then!
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