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for A Daughter's Fall

5/26/2018 c2 humo146
5/16/2013 c2 21edboy4926
Good story
Keep on going
1/27/2010 c2 nuclear peace
Thank you for having a fic that has the Titans, not the Teen titans or the titanic or some other stupid thing that pops up in the search function every time I type Titans into it. You probably aren't writing this anymore but if that's not the case, you should continue it. You should also consider adding titan units from Zeta gundam like the Asshimar,the Byalant, or the Baund doc. And since you already have Sciroco, perhaps you could add titan characters from Zeta,I'd like to see Yazan or Jerid as Via's commanding officer.
10/26/2008 c2 8NoshMono
It's been a while since you updated this fic and when I got around to reading it today, I actually had to pause for a few seconds to remember everything. Sure, I could have reread the first chapter but then again your stories are quite distinct that recalling them aren't that difficult.

Looking at the path Via is going, I'm interested to see how she would evolve though looking at the title pretty much summed it up. I'm guessing that Titans and ODPM might be in cohorts after all since the timing is a bit close.

An aspect that you might want to explain is how the presence of Coordinators threaten the natural evolution of human beings into Newtypes.

Good chapter as usual, and have a good day!
10/20/2008 c2 27Akatsuki Leader13
Interesting. I love that you have Scirocco in this. He's easily one of my favorite Gundam characters. Just as The O is one of favorite MSs. But one thing, it doesn't seem right that the Jupiter colony that Scirocco is from is an EA colony. As ZAFT seemed to always was a greater control over space. But it's your story. So you can do what you want.

One question, will we see other Titans and Titan mobile suits? Cause some of those suits and characters were pretty awesome and I'd love to see them in this.
10/19/2008 c2 1ZGMF-x20A
An interesting chapter, and some good plot twists. So far, I think you've managed the cross over quite well, which is not such an easy feat. Another solid chapter; keep it up.

10/19/2008 c2 14nequam-tenshi
you finally updated! such a good chapter! though i hope Via won't be brainwashed by those wanting her to be a pilot, maybe her mom can tell her about her days fighting in the War
10/14/2008 c1 1ZGMF-x20A
Hmm... Interesting triumvirate (Cagalli Athrun Meyrin) This oughta work out into a good storyline.
8/4/2008 c1 14nequam-tenshi
I wish you would update! Your story is extremely well-written!

Please do!

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