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12/20/2013 c1 26crankyman7
Let us speak of the lovely characterization in this fic, by all means. You've struck upon the key to Eilonwy as she is in the last book- she's far subtler in how she disobeys orders, does her own thing, etc. then she was in previous installments of the series. I've always thoroughly enjoyed her character, and you have stepped into her mindset quite well here. Mr. Alexander made her more three-dimensional then a lesser author might have, and you haven't disgraced his character by any means. I'm especially fond of how you managed to avoid cheesiness with her thoughts about Taran. Writing romantic feelings would, I imagine, be kind of tough, as it's one of the areas where authors go wrong so often. And yet this works quite well.

Thank you for writing this.
8/25/2008 c1 5marjojo02
Great job! One of the best ones in this fandom
7/14/2008 c1 15Allen Skylark
Refreshingly morbid (smile) I love the little details evidencing the time of war she is experiencing and the battle to come, like the weight of the blade on her hip - I don't even read such from other stories/books of this ilk - and the calluses on her hands. And by the way I'm happy that you made Eilonwy like the roughness of her hands; so tomboyish.

For some reason I like this bit: "Moonlight glinted from helm and shield and from the ends of lances; the ring of metal-shod hooves against cobblestone and the steady murmur of tense voices rose to the princess’s ears." Way to put me inside the scene!

I was interested in your portrayal of the princess's view on women roles in warfare. The early celts would allow women to fight beside them but as they moved north and became scarce childbearing was very important so women were rarely allowed to fight in battle anymore, and then ofcourse it became custom. Ofcourse that never stopped a woman if she truly desired battle for whatever purpose in both reality and myth - including Eilonwy. It's curious that the most important welsh gods of war were female...but I digress. Would've been nice to read some thoughts on the "Swordmaidens" of Llyr in this bit.

I especially enjoyed that macabre line showing Taran dead lol But it does convey the effects that impending bloodletting and possible death have on one's psyche perfectly. Indeed before battle one tends to imagine oneself or others he/she holds dear dead or dying before them. I don't know why, maybe it modivates us to fight harder or maybe humans are just sado-masochists lol

This one is also going into my favs. The descriptions of battle prepartion was exellent; though vague in the technical details (which aren't required), the imagery was exquisitly vivid. Like I said you really put me in there, and I think it's been covered that I'm an ancient war maniac so I love this piece. You did a fine job! (hugs)
9/13/2007 c1 merln
Beautiful and strangely inevitable... I'm not quite sure how to put this, but it seems familiar, as if I had read it before. Then again, your writing fits so well that this is nothing new to me, though still remarkable. Well done!

(Sote: it's strange and fun to go through the names and places and know how to pronounce them correctly-I've just been reading lots of Susan Cooper and following Bran's advice to Will on the pronunciation of Welsh!)
8/14/2007 c1 Jonny5
A beautifully written piece. You've managed to capture the grime mood to a tee along with Eilonwy's character. Hope to read more from you soon.
8/13/2007 c1 25adaon45
Oh, I'm so glad you chose this moment to write about. It's good to get a sense of what must have been going through Eilonwy's head before she showed up on the battlefield.

I think you do a great job of imagining what Eilonwy's thought process would have been. You convey her frustration very well-I don't think of Eilonwy as someone who likes being pent up one bit. But you also show how she's matured from her earlier days; she's more aware of the danger, and has learned that lopping off heads is indeed not the best way of celebrating women's capabilities. But you're right, too; I think the infantilization of the women left in the castle would have been particularly galling to our strong-willed Princess. On one hand, the women are debarred from the knowledge of what is happening; on the other hand, they are subject to brutal sexual assault if their menfolk's battle plans fail. I'm really glad Eilonwy got out of that castle!

I'm intrigued by Gwydion's role. Yes, of course he wants to keep Eilonwy safe. But surely he knows by now that if he tells her to stay put, Eilonwy is going to figure out some way of joining the fray. I wonder: do you think he's using a kind of reverse psychology here? Or just trying his best while probably realizing she'll do what she wants anyway?

Loved the bit with Taran seeing the interchange between Gwydion and Eilonwy and getting swept up in the action before he can talk to her.

Also liked the bit where Eilonwy is grateful for the calluses on her hands. Yes, getting in shape for the upcoming ordeal is a good idea!

Oh, and I wouldn't call this a "morbid" piece. If one writes about battles, one has to deal with trauma and terror. The image Eilonwy has of Taran's body is poignant but very much, I think, what she'd be imagining under the circumstances. Of course, I write this in my capacity as the Queen of Trauma, since I do seem to focus a lot on people's response to all the grief and violence.

One other thing: I enjoyed the bit about Taran teasing Eilonwy for swinging swords about. A quote from The Black Cauldron, no? "Put down that sword! Every time I see you, you're waving it around or pointing it at somebody."
8/8/2007 c1 12PrydainViolet
Sigh. Nobody writes Eilonwy quite like you, my friend. Have I told you lately that I love your stories? Because I do.

Personal favorites: Eilonwy watching the preparing warriors subconciously supporting each other and feeling the lack of that contact. It actually also made me think of Eowyn from Lord of the Rings and that kind of painful loneliness and seperation that she would have felt as well. Also, Gwydion physically stopping Eilonwy from following Taran and their eyes meeting...romantic...poignant.

I do like the way you really had Eilonwy clearly thinking through her options and the strength of her decision. As opposed to Taran's "are you mad?" reaction.

Hooray for unexpected plot bunnies! And hooray for Taran/Eilonwy obsession. You do amazing things with it!
8/8/2007 c1 8Freawaru
I love it as always! If any one was to write the Chronicles of Prydain from Eilonwy's point of view, it would have to be you! you portray her perfectly! I want more!

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