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3/30/2016 c4 2QueenWinchester24
WOW that was a good story.
4/2/2013 c4 Nick
I really loved this story so please write more.
3/9/2012 c4 NightAngel99
Really great and hope to see more chapters posted.
1/29/2012 c4 Vicki
Hey what's up with the no updates come on people get with the finishing of the story already so pleeeeeease please preeeeeeety please give us more updates
12/3/2011 c4 darvit12
6/13/2011 c4 3ryu433
where on earth is the next chapter? i want to read more.
2/16/2011 c4 tenor
12/28/2010 c4 1Destined For Hell
I love the story so far. Judging by the fact you haven't updated in 3 years I doubt you'll be doing it anytime soon but I have to try. I think this story is great and would love you if you would update.
10/1/2010 c4 janet1982
not bad=)

please update
6/24/2010 c4 Cosmos Angel and Yami Darkness
keep going
5/13/2010 c4 Sam
I am your new number one fan!

Continue because:

#1: the story is hilarious

#2: you are a good writer

#3: I want to know what happens!
4/23/2010 c4 2hisokauzumaki
Please update this!
1/26/2010 c4 13Toby7
this story is awesome. ^_^ i hope you decide to finish it. i'm trying to get back in the game myself. it's kinda hard. anyway, good luck!
10/8/2009 c4 sophie
plz carry on this story line its gd
9/13/2009 c4 2Half-bloodPuff
I love the last thing its so funny!
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