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7/12/2014 c25 Sometimes-the-world-hates-me
I love this story! I must say you have spot on song choice, I love that you used overweight by blue October ] it's one of my favorite songs! P.s are you going to wright a sequel?
7/12/2014 c15 Sometimes-the-world-hates-me
Oh you are evil! Why must you kill kiba?! And that song, that was just not playing fair. I cried like a baby and the feels are killing me slowly.
6/20/2014 c25 17Fiend Maz
Holy shit, woman. I like this fic so much. I read this before and I read it again. This is great :) Ah but really, you better give this fic to Hollywood as a script because DAMN, I want Naruto and Sasuke's love story to be SHOWN. :D Rock star style. Haha I sound like a moron but this... the ending was great. :)

The plot was great too. And it's like the whole story revolved on Naruto and Sasuke and the supporting casts were just that - supporting casts. The fic was completely on point the whole time. Great :)
9/27/2011 c25 5MissJudged16
amazing. Really really great. I should tell you that the reason I read this story was because one of your reviewers told you this should be turned into a movie. And I was like... well it must be either something great or something shitty. And let me tell you, it was certainly very very far from shitty. Epic epic!
9/26/2011 c15 MissJudged16
part of me really really really hates you right now... because you killed him! What the hell? The other part of me really really loves you because this story is incredibly epic and I should have expected a tragic death because it just seems like that sort of story. So, great job so far can't wait to read the rest!
6/17/2011 c25 MystiqSun
Someone should make a fucking Movie out of this O.O LOVE THE STORY
3/24/2011 c25 Las Tetas de cayey
I really love this story.
1/22/2011 c25 LillyTigress
I loved this story. I loved the minimalistic style. The choice of songs was amazing.

I feel so respected as if you had faith in me to be able to appreciate what wasn't written - that I had the imagination and experience to see the whole picture when only the shadows were shown.

Some stories are like movies in the mind's eye. This story was like a series of great music videos.
10/22/2010 c2 Naughtykisses
LOVE THE STORY SOOO FAR! AND THE SONGS! whats the two songs you used in here called and wats the name?
7/22/2010 c25 death by randomness
very emotional story with a good storyline, well done
7/2/2010 c25 Sinful-Seductress-x
This story was absolutely amazing!

And let me say, I don't normall like stories done with a POV. But this one I just couldnt stop reading! I laughed a little, cried and screamed with happiness (in my head of course xD) Your story was amazing and the songs all portrayed the feelings so well!
5/25/2010 c25 flika
you are defentily one of the better writers i have read, expecly since you were able to make me cry through out this fic. and antone that knows me know that crying is something i plan out refused to do.
5/24/2010 c14 flika
haha i guessed kiba getting hurt and naruto having to come home like 11chapters ago. wow im psyci
4/27/2010 c25 16Bloody6Roses6
this has got to be one of the best fanfictions i have ever read. i'm sad that it's done but i'm also glad it is. that was a LOT of drama lol. ^_^

p.s.- there were some really good songs in this fic.
4/5/2010 c17 6Bloody6Roses6
O_O that was fuckin nuts! i was all like "oh jeez, what's Naruto gonna do?" then he was all *smash guitar over the Teme's head* Epic karmic bitchslap to the face...or the back of the head? lol LOVED IT! XD
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