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for The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: Bear Grylls Style

7/3/2011 c1 Some Guy
I wish that there was a way for me to seal laughter in a tin can and mail it to you. Words don't quite do the reaction of visceral humor justice, and don't transcribe themselves into a computer text box very well. This made me spit out my chili in the middle of a grocery store cafe and bust out laughing. Thank you. This made my night.
10/20/2007 c1 thisisnotmyrealnamehah
Bahaha! I loved it! It was written exactly how the guy talks on TV. I wish the ending had more to it, but the story still made me laugh. Good job! xD
8/10/2007 c1 16Ersatz
But he didn't eat any ant bums, or make a magical pine-fresh raft!

Still made me grin, though. Go Bear!

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