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for YuGiOh: Team World: The TriSpirit Warrior

1/20/2021 c1 1The Guardian of Reality
Hey, Is this story cancelled?
12/29/2015 c1 Guest
OMG! Here's an idea! Yugi Secretly Being A TND operative and only PRETENDING to love Tea but is really in love with Pepper Ann Pearson and is the older brother of Numbuh 84
12/10/2013 c1 1D-Generation XX
I've been a big fan of your Team World stories for awhile, but I have to say I am saddened that you are no longer able to find the time to write. I was really psyched for this one too and see where how the Tri-Spirit Warrior kicks ass.

I was wondering though what do you think of the newer Yu-Gi-Ohs 5D's and Zexal? I have some criticisms with them though, mainly on the super cheap and overpowered card effects they play. Not to mention the overly convoluted combinations they do. Just having to listen to them talk gives me a headache. Yeah I think the creators are trying too hard to make them as over the top as possible to the point I lost interest.

Well the only thing I can say now is I wish you good fortune on whatever you are doing now.
8/16/2011 c1 56MasterDuelistMichael
Your Team World fanfic series is the best series that I've ever read. It's so great that even I want to try something like this, but with more teams involved.

Keep up the good work, charizardag!
9/1/2008 c1 5Hurricane's Quill
Don't feel bad. I've got XI Rising, my IGPX fic, and the Shadowland Emissary (as well as the two fics that follow) on my plate as well. I'm feeling lucky enough to even throw my Robin Hood parody on top of that, too.

It still looks like your classic work, and for that, I salute you. You are an Exalt among Exalts, and...well, you get the idea.

I'm half-tempted to take on my own dueling fic as well, except based around the new 5D's series coming out sometime in September, focused around Naruto, and maybe some cameos by the KND and the Eds, and maybe some new ones like G Gundam, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors (as you can see, I've been taking a liking to the 90's anime).

Again...rock on, and harder than ever before.


1/12/2008 c1 31Tohokari-Steel
Excellent! I will be patient, charizardag, and I'll check on this fic daily until the next chapter comes out. I'm a big fan of your works, they're VERY funny!
11/20/2007 c1 a vary big fan
hi i like how the story is coming along so far. I just wanted to say who I think shold be in it. my sogjestion is oogiboogi,lock,shok and barrl from the nightmare before crismus.

oogi's deak shold be a bug/gambuling deak with cards based on him,his shadow,gia form (from oogi's reveng) and hi's layer.the layer one with a difrent efect for a # rolled on a die.

if you want he can sing the ooge booge song.this wold be gratly aprchadid as for hi teamats have thars corospond with thare costoums thanks for lisining,keap up the good work,and pleas PLEAS DO NOT DISCNTINUE thank you
11/14/2007 c1 29Boris Yeltsin
This Team World would make a great TV series don't you think?

Update ASAP, please?
10/28/2007 c1 Fortune Glyph
Hey whats up! Im been waiting patiently for you to update! Take your time, I understand! Besides, it takes me a few days if Im busy to post a chapter of my story! Im glad you continued this trilogy. Please update soon, I want to know what happens next!
8/12/2007 c1 32Rock Raider
Glad to see you've finally continued this thing. I was getting impatient. So, wonder if Kim & Ron will have another talkin'-to, considering what just happened with Bonnie & the Shadow Riders. I mean, they've come pretty close to world-wide humiliation because of their little romantic liason. Also, I wonder if you'll use Team Wayside in this. You have seen Wayside, haven't you? Say, I wodner what's up with Team Ed, or even Team Kanker. I would like to see Team Kanker duel Team Yugi. Kind of a thought I had. Well, anyway, update soon.
8/11/2007 c1 7Dark Phantom Knight
Ha ha ha! Finally! I thought you'd never put the next story up! And so far, it's awsome! Update soon!
8/11/2007 c1 Solartiger
Nice chapter and great joke about memories
8/11/2007 c1 Brian

You finally got a chance to update the Team World arc.

Please tell me we'll see some really cool duels.

When you can, use some of the cards I created.
8/11/2007 c1 11SilverZeo
Rock and ROLL! Please continue soon
8/11/2007 c1 66ChaosMagemon
Take your time buddy, and i understand, I've barely had time to create my Fics, but I used what free time I had as possible.
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