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3/19/2018 c1 2writingisrelaxing
Funny how he doesn't want the Internet to know and this text is on the Internet lmao
10/23/2009 c1 12Tail Ring
Aww, poor Wilt. Well done and keep writing!
11/7/2007 c1 24Darkkinkachu
wow that was really really good. I love how you portrayed Wilt. You kept him from the emo stereotype that tends to pop up with out reason and yet it really tugs at the heart strings.

The way you portrayed him is excellent. Like a slightly off-kilter person trying to convince himself that things really are ok and standing there with a pained, confused grin. Kind of like an overly optimistic desperation. I Like said you did a really good job on that. And WiltFrankie is fun too.

Great job! Really, the best thing I've read in a while!

8/24/2007 c1 37fireweed15
OH, this was so good! I smiled and laughed the whole time! It was sweet. I loved how you stayed true to Wilt's character and wrote it like Wilt was talking to you.

You're right: just because Wilt is missing his left ar and is blind in his left eye doesn't make him disabled in anyway. I find imense irony (and humor) in the fact the Wilt is "broken" physically, but has a heart of gold and is the most whole emotionally (except for unspoken dark demons, but they're extremely well-hidden), while say... Bloo is whole physically but has some major ethics gaps.There is a great quote from Nobody, the Son of Nobody in the book "Three Cups of Tea" that goes: "Allah says the broken ones are my beloved. / Crush your heart, be broken." That definately applies to Wilt (not the Allah part, I think. He could be Muslim, but I never really think about character's religions...): he his definately loved by not only people at Foster's (and fans; otherwise we wouldn't be writing fanfics about him), but some higher power, otherwise he wouldn't have such a good life.

(Okay, sorry about the babbling in the middle.) I loved this- very sweet and touching. I can definately figure the way Wilt feels with this piece. I'm a teacher's aide for a teacher who has cystic fibrosis. Actually... now that I think about it, she's a little like Wilt: she doesn't let her condition get her down and she's probably the nicest woman on the face of the planet. (Sorry, more babbling...).

Fantasic! I'm looking forward to updates (if any)!
8/24/2007 c1 Cutelilteen 2 lazy 2 log in
Aww, that was adorable. ^^ Loved the part where Wilt admits to having a crush on Frankie (by now you've probably figured out the the fact that I'm a shipper XD). Can't wait to read more of your stories.
8/16/2007 c1 1Wilkiefan
AW that was just adorable! And you brought Zigzag into the story a bit. I LOVED IT!
8/12/2007 c1 7Madame Lady

You write Wilt so cute. =3
8/12/2007 c1 41Super Reader
aw... poor Wilt. *sniffs* poor guy. This is a great story and I'm glad I found it... just one question. You used to write Codename: Kids Next Door stories right? Well why did they get deleted? They were GOOD! Maybe the KND is boring for you now then. I just really liked that you wrote 1/5. Not that many GOOD writers write about them.

Anyway this is a great story and maybe there will be a sequel or something?
8/11/2007 c1 13RadRapo
D'oh, hush, Wilt. XDD
8/11/2007 c1 5pitbulllady
"ONLY once"? Now come on Wilt-Man, I know guys better than that, lol!

This is a nice, albeit short little take on Wilt's perspective, both from that of Frankie's "secret admirer", convinced that she'd NEVER feel the same way about him, and from that of any "handicapped" person, who knows that others are going to only see their weaknesses, not strengths. It's gotta be rather challenging writing from that latter perspective, especially.

Now, how about one detailing FRANKIE'S POV, huh?


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