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1/31/2011 c2 1CriesInElvish
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! It's so cute :)
1/31/2011 c1 CriesInElvish
I like this alot :) I find it pretty hard to kind of...you know, imagine Risa and Satoshi without their experience, so i usually ignore these types of stories. This one just caught my eye, though and i wanted to read it :)
5/16/2009 c2 39Ai Star
this is really good! well done! if there is more chapters then good luck! ^W^
4/30/2009 c2 24upsidedownboat
Okay, so i'm finally reading this! XD I loved the first chapter, you wrote Satoshi well! ^^ On to the second chapter...

Also... yatch... was that supposed to be yacht? You did it a couple of times... but i knew what you meant anyway. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

Second chapter:

Aw! This was so cute! Satoshi is so cool. XD I dont know if you know the Inuyasha characters, but his manner is similar to Sesshomaru's... just the way that he is always formal... but Sesshomaru sometimes speaks in third person... which is annoying.

Anyway, these were AWESOME chapters, and even though i dont usually read D N Angel fanfics, this one is interesting. ^^

xx Boat xx

Hooray for my awesomely long review! *claps* ^^
4/28/2009 c1 upsidedownboat
Okay, so i havent actually read this yet... but i really want to, so i am going to review so i can keep track of it! :D Then, when i am allowed on the computer again, i will read this properly. :P I just dont want to lose it. It sounds REALLY interesting! ^^

I shall review after i have read this annonymously... if i spelled that right... ANYWAY... i shall review as, wait for it... Boat. XD

Well, see you when i get time to read this! And yes, i know i am strange. How can one not be strange? It's just part of my personality... lolol XP

xx Boat xx
10/28/2007 c2 Anisah bint La-Ahad
I liked it quite a bit, keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm having a blond moment so I can't remember what else I was going to say, sorry.
10/28/2007 c1 Anisah bint La-Ahad
Very unique. I can tell you added your own ideas into the characters but that is what fanfiction is all about! I really liked it a whole lot for the second story I've read on this site. Keep up the good work. One small critique would be to watch for spelling.
10/26/2007 c2 4khakiXthistle
haha! l0ve the st0ry...actually already read it twice! at first i planned on giving a review but delayed and then g0t tired of giving a review...aw, i know, im bad, im sorry! haha...but then i saw this really long review by Hoshizora no Hikari! haha! could i say it inspired me much? haha and i love it's P0V...haha, love it's story point of view! n0t yet xure if its the real summary of what you're going to make but more or less, the story he or she or it? whatever, wrote was pretty awesome just as much as this story! haha so whatever the outcome is this story, i think it's cool and awsome! so gud luck with you're story and rock on! haha :))
10/24/2007 c2 12Dragonfly Glimmers
OMGISHOMGISHOMGISH! When reading the last part(you know, when sharing the jacket((which was TOTALLY romantic, by the way) I was, like, a hundred percent sure they were going to kiss! I was like 'OMG A KISS OMG OMG OMG!' And I was all happy and then I realized that no, they did not kiss. Gosh, what was I thinking. I mean, they just met after all. Satoshi is too quiet to pull the move this soon. I think they need to get to know each other better.(Omg! His mom died? How sad!) AND then the kiss will occur! Bwahaha.

Anyway, I need to get this prediction out before I explode, so here I go: Okay, I think Krad is Satoshi's alter ego. And then when Satoshi is about to kiss Risa, dundundun...the dreaded -scream- TRANSFORMATION OCCURS OH NOEZ RUN AWAY! But, instead of running away, the poor misguided Risa, not having a clue as to why Satoshi suddenly becomes a blonde, tries to help him! (Cause you know, the transformation causes him pain((or, so that's what I think...I haven't read the mangas since the 11th one came out...I'm still waiting for the 12th one!)) or whatever) BUT, Satoshi, now being Krad, knocks her back! And then is all like, 'OMG, you stole MY Satoshi-sama you beeyotch no you did not!' then he snaps his fingers in Z-formation and flys at her, ready to attack her with a magical beam or something, and Risa falls back and hits her head on the...um...cheryblossom tree!. And then, all of a sudden, protecting Risa...dundundun...is DARK! And then, like, Risa starts falling for Dark because he's the totally handsome Prince Charming who had rescued her! But, since Risa hit her head on the tree(really hard, too) she starts to black out, so she really doesn't get a good look at Dark...ANYWAY, she wakes up to find herself at her home in her nice comfy bed...and then, NEXT DAY at school...she's blabbing to Satoshi like he's her best friend for life about the mysterious, suave, and handsome person, completely forgetting that Satoshi was Krad!(Because, you know, she's an airhead like that) And then Satoshi becomes jealous and then it's a LOVE TRIANGLE(FTW!) until some event or something occurs and then Risa chooses Satoshi over Dark. BUT, when she says 'I love you' to our favorite blue-haired boy, he transforms into Krad! And without Dark there to help her, she's utterly defenseless! But, in a sudden random completely uncharacteristic act of kindness, Krad does not harm her, but tells her that she better leave Satoshi alone(because you know, Krad just wants him SO much) or else he will inflict serious mental damage on Satoshi! So, Risa like, never talks to him again...and she's all sad and depressed because she loves him and all...and then, suddenly, Dark shows up in her moment of depressedness! And she tells him everything that's wrong, and Dark, being the Prince Charming he is, tells her that there is a way to get rid of Krad...of course, Risa hastily asks what it is, and Dark replies(with a VERY dramatic and suspensful pause, actually, if this were a chapter, I would end it as soon as he says:) 'You need to kill me...' and then when Risa asks why, Dark answers that since he and Krad are essentially two halves of a whole, if one dies, the other will because one cannot survive without the other. And remember now, Dark really loves Risa as well(I think I mentioned it somewhere up there...oh well) so, seeing that she would be truly happy with Satoshi...he...um. Dies. :(

Um, actually, I dunno what's going to happen in the story, but I BET Krad will be in it. Don't tell me if he is, because I already know he is. I like, already decided that. So you can't convince me any other way. He is now in the story whether you like it or not. xD No, but, seriously, I AM wondering(although I already know) if Krad's going to be in the story. Don't tell me! I will find out. (I mean, Satoshi even said so himself that he thinks there's another reason he was homeschooled...he probably knows(or suspects) Krad, or at least something dangerous, is inside him that can really hurt someone if there's enough physical contact with other people...and then Big Daddy Hiwatari(it wasn't Hikari, right? Well Satoshi's name be revealed later on? :D Don't tell me!) thinks that Krad is dormant so he sends Satoshi to school thinking it's not harm but IT IS!) So, like, it practically means he's in the story. Oh, what do I care(actually, I care a lot) if he's in the story! Just update when you can! :D
9/9/2007 c1 Dragonfly Glimmers
FINALLY! I read this a couple of days ago, but never really got around to reviewing it. IT is realy good, so you better update!

YAY Risa and Satoshi makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I just need to ask: Is Krad gonna be in this story? No, WAIT! Don't answer that! I want to find out as the story goes on. And Riku not being there made me laugh; they left her behind, how kind of the Haradas.

I can't wait until the next chapter! Update! :D Ergh, sorry for the short review...I swear they will be longer for future chapters! :D
8/17/2007 c1 2DalisaY-17
Ei, I just added this to my alerts. I hope you update! Good night! (I reviewed at 8:35 in the evening!)
8/16/2007 c1 5crazee-animefwreak
it's good. but i get the feeling that riku isn't very well liked by her parents...?

anyways, it's a good start. hope u update soon. ^-^
8/13/2007 c1 4LavenderSpice
I loved it. I hope you keep going b/c it was so funny. ttyl
8/13/2007 c1 1Soul of AquaBlue
Love it!Update soon ^^
8/13/2007 c1 OCD
Ah, couldn't help but notice the wierd end sentence of '' But frowned, at the sighted of him not being away where.''...But the rest of its fine!( Strange, apolegetic arm movements here.)

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