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for Pieces of Heart: a Forgotten Memmory

3/8/2009 c14 1lecksy
I really like this story! j'adore! (frennchh!) hehehe inlove with your story and i hope you keep updating
2/18/2009 c1 2Dark x Rose13
hmm interesting storyline so far! i'm definitely looking forward to reading this =D
2/14/2009 c14 4blackrogue123
Sorry for taking so long to review...again .;

Anyway...um...yeah, not quite sure what to say...either it's been too long since I read the last chapter, or I'm just totally lost as to what's going on .;

I can't really give this a thumbs up or a thumbs down, but...well, is this story had one flaw, it would be how chaotic and confusng it it, no offense. You can capture and isntill emotion very well, but the story's just really hard to follow a lot of the time .;
2/9/2009 c14 37Kiome-Yasha
Sorry I haven't reviewed yet. I didn't have time last time since I was going to bed. I think your story is amazing! I just love epic NaminexRoxas stories that doesn't have to deal with them in High-School all the time; you know what I mean? It's something new and original. =D I updated my chapter up btw, in case if your interested. ;)
2/8/2009 c14 18kinmoku2
Boring? Not really. I thought it was spectacular! It was nice to know what Nami's thinking and what's happening with her. And I finally understand Axel(well for the most part) and I guess he really is/was one of the bad guys but with a good heart.

And hopefully Namine doesn't otherwise Roxas will lose it. And I'm sure she's gonna visit her blond companion to give him some sort of solace if/when she dies which I hope she doesn't.

Anyway LOVED the chappie! Can't wait for more!
12/16/2008 c13 13Tallis-chan
Sorry, sorry that I haven't reviewed until now. I would read the chapters as you updated, but by the now I finally was able to review, you already updated again, so now finally I shall review!

Sure I'm a little lost, but once again I think it will make sense the more I read. I'm really liking what I'm reading though!
12/15/2008 c1 9Lazyafternooner
aw they are so cute ^_^ I likey very much

it is kinda like tsubasa as well :D

anyho onto the nxt chptr!
12/14/2008 c13 18kinmoku2
OMG! I STILL LOVE this story! It's so compelling! I wish I could write like that! Your descriptions, dialogues EVERYTHING!

Poor Roxy! Don't worry if Nami's gone I'll be there for you lol.

I had a feeling HE was the one in jail, no real reason just a feeling.

The nightmare? Maybe it's a prediction you know a vision of the future? I really don't know lol.

It was kind of sad when she's like 'I don't love him.' I know it wasn't true but still you can clearly see he was torn about that.

I do wonder what they'll do with Nami and what Roxas will do?

Lol don't worry I didn't update Two Nations for over a month! We all understand that time isn't something you always have.

Well anyway, Update when you can!
12/14/2008 c13 12Dragonfly Glimmers
Holy crap. They INSTALLED A FRIGGIN WORD LIMIT NOW! I go on another hiatus (which I did, by the way), and when I come back they INSTALL A FRIGGIN WORD LIMIT. HOLY SHIZZLENACHT. You know what? If I don't finish my review in ten thousand characters, then I'll just do another anon review finishing my review. HA. TAKE THAT, SYSTEM. I GOT YOU BEAT. Anyway, I hope you don't mind...?

So anyway, what happened was that I was checking my email, right? (since when did this turn into a life story...n.n) And I'm scrolling through my emails...facebook, subscriptions, chance to win a million dollars-WAIT, HOLD UP. A million dollars? -goes to check- Nah, it's no-OMG, PIECES OF HEART IS UPDATED! MUST. FIND. OUT. SORA'S. FATE.

and that is how I came to write this review. So, here-e-e-e-e-e-e WE GO!

There are some spelling errors (barley should be barely ;D), but I'm not going to be Miss Grammar Wizard OM NOM NOM freak. I'll let someone else handle the corrections, because /I/ have to find out about someone who is TOTALLY more important than spelling errors. Which is, in case you didn't know, SORA.

Oh man. Depressing Roxas is so...depressing. He really MUST be emo...


-clears throat-

Anyway, it CAN’T be Sephiroth, because Sephy would be more calm and composed. Riku wouldn’t really WANT to kill Nam, so he WOULD shake. (Maybe he’s being FORCED into it...o_0) You know, that’s all I needed from this story; a Riku cameo.(Well, and Sora being alive but...) Then again, this IS a dream...o_0

lol, for some reason ‘“I am not the one in prison…you are.”’ that made me laugh SO FRIGGIN’ MUCH. I actually collapsed on the floor laughing. No lie. Omg, that might actually be better than a high Roxas reference. MIGHT.

... -is reading-

n.n That was it? ...THERE WASN’T EVEN A SORA MENTION! Teehee, that’s ‘sokay, though, because I secretly know that Sora was in the chapter. Yeah, you can’t fool me, Lebrezie. He was...

-Vana White impersonation-

...ONE OF THOSE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ROOM! Yeah, Sora’s secretly alive. I think I have come up with just about any and every reason under the sun for Sora TO be alive, so I’m just gonna ho-o-o-o-o-pe he’s alive. Besides, sometimes happy endings can get boring...a little tragic love is good, ne?

(But OMG...can I totally go off on a tangent?...Cool, thanks)

So, I was watching this anime, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (holy shizzlenacht. It is the BEST ANIME EVER. Either go and buy the manga, or watch via YouTube the anime)...and omg. If you read the manga, the main character’s best friend, Suzaku, LOOKS LIKE ROXAS. While reading it, I was just like, ‘Roxas Roxas Roxas Roxas...’. And the main character’s sidekick? LOOKS LIKE KAIRI. And DAMN, Suzaku(Roxie’s lookalike)’s fate SUCKS. (I won’t say it because you might want to read it or are in the process of watching it or...)

Like, tragedy is good...but after watching that anime...you will NEVER EVER EVER WITH A DOUBLE EVER feel the same about that genre AGAIN. I SWEAR. Holy mother of Ion, that series is so...good. If you have no read/watched it, please go do it, next time you’re bored. (By the way, I recommend you watch it, since the entire thing is available on YouTube-after Episode 19 or so you’ll have to watch it with Japanese subtitles, but it is TOTALLY worth it-and only volume one of the manga is out, so...) BTW, if you decide to watch it on YouTube, DO NOT LOOK AT THE COMMENTS. Damn, so many things were spoiled for me...but I guess that’s good, because I would have been extremely pissed off at the ending otheriwse.


N, I finally ready Twilight/watched the movie. Breaking Dawn was HUGE disappointment. The ending was so bland. I didn’t even see a climax in there. Bella just juts (not a typo ;D) out her shield and everyone’s all okay? What the hell? The Volturi don’t go super crazy psycho wannabe and massacre everyone? n.n I hope Midnight Sun is better.

Oh! And with the movie... -gets shot three trillion times- Rob is handsome, yes, but there are better Edwards. Though I agree with you on the note that Jasper was A-MA-ZING, and I LOVED Jessica. I also liked the ballet studio scene with James, but I did, at times, think that Kristen Stewart’s voice sounded SO. FRIGGIN’. MO-NO-TONE.


That was a good chapter (I have to go read the last one, though, because I have NO IDEA why Roxie is in jail...), and PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF SORA AND MY SANITY, UPDATE A.S.A.P!


12/14/2008 c13 11Destinysfailure
It was amazing!
12/14/2008 c13 4blackrogue123
Um, hey! I'm glad to see you updated, but I'm a little confused...which isn't entirely surprising given how messed-up the story is supposed to be o.0;

I don't mean to be rude or anything, but when did Roxas get so...stupid? I'm sure you have a good reason for having Axel and Kairi betray him to the authorties rather than keeping him with them, but why was Roxas taking the guy seriously? He couldn't really do anything to Namine without scrweing himself over .;

Sorry, I'm just not quite sure what to make of this chapter :(

Anyway, I'm glad that you like Twilight...I'm not too big a fan of it, but I'm happy that you're having a good time ^^
12/13/2008 c13 Sakuratears19
You need to update again, like... NOW! Okay, not now, but soon. This has me jumping on the edge of my seat, really.

The memory was intense. Though, I’m trying to figure out where they are, and who that prison-guy was. And, those are just added to the other billionz of questions I have for this story…

I am convinced Roxas is Sora reincarnate. That has got to be the only explanation as to why Kairi hates and loved Roxas at the same time. And, that Kairi was in Namine’s position and Sora was in Roxas’ at one point, but Sora failed and he died paying the price. And, Kairi had to live on.

Or, that Roxas killed Sora at one point in a fit of rage…

Confused… anyway, Roxas is in a jail, Namine is carted off, Kairi & Axel are nowhere to be found – they’re probably working for the prison-guy… who’s working for Rinoa!

I think I’ve figured something out. No one in this story is “evil,” I think it might be more of this idea of “evil,” ya know? Like, each has their own personal demon that has followed them through lives past and lives present. Kairi is looking for someone she can’t have and is jealous about it, Roxas would do anything for his love – and that’s not always a good thing – and, Axel wants something, I don’t know what yet, though…

Leon wants Rinoa… end. :)

Is Roxas like a built person made specifically for Namine and he has pieces of different people, but the majority of it is from Sora? And, that’s why Kairi can’t have Sora back? I’m missing something for the Roxas-Kairi relationship. There is one final thing… I just don’t know what it is. It has something to do with their life from before, and what happened in their past life.

I have to tell you, when you put “…They emerged from the shadows silently…” I thought of Organization XI mixed with the Matrix… lol. XD

But, then you said, “…Her pain made me weak…” And, I am thinking Roxas and Namine are connected. Is Namine’s final piece really in Roxas? And, that would be why he was weak at her pain?

OMG! No! Listen, new theory:

Kairi was in Namine’s same position, the same as Sora with Roxas. Kairi was asleep (see I remember detail) and the final piece for Kairi was in Sora, and to get it out, they had to cut it out of him, and Roxas did it. That would be why Kairi blames Roxas for Sora’s death. And, now, to make Roxas a good guy (because Kairi informed that Roxas was a cold-hearted killer) they put left over Sora into Roxas (‘Cause, Sora’s always a good guy, duh…), and that made Roxas nice. But, with the stress his old personality is coming out. So, now, the same thing must happen to Roxas and Namine.

Great, our favorite blonde hero’s gonna die at the end! :’( *cries*

That could be really wrong, but I’ll throw it in there anyway. It’s a possibility…

Hm… *thinking* I really got nothing else, except, this was a really good chapter, like always! :) But, when Namine was telling that they weren’t in love, I want to tell you, my heart broke for poor Roxas who was like: ‘Huh…? We DON’T love each other…? *cries*’

My final note: I liked-but-didn’t-like the Twilight Movie. I thought it would’ve been a bit better… it was more of a summary of the book than a flowing story, ya know? I still liked it, though. Rob Pattinson… sexy! *gasp and swoon*

*gets off floor* Yeah… *blushes* their chemistry made up for EVERYTHING…

My favorite part was actually when Bella and Edward went over to Edward’s house and the dialogue:

Esme: “Oh, Bella! We made you Italiano!”

Bella: “Oh…cool.”

Edward: “She already ate.”

Rosalie: *breaks glace bowl* “Well, that’s just GREAT, isn’t it?”

The last line isn’t exactly the Rosalie line, but it was a paraphrase! :)

Haha, see ya next chapter! White Wolf

PS: Update soon…? And, yay! First review!
9/11/2008 c3 12Nana Potato

Nana Potato is just what my friends in LB call me. They literally starting squealing when I told them I changed my pename for them. Dorks. xP.

(LB=Long Beach, which is where I now reside. Not that far from LA, so no biggie.)

YES! I WOULD LOVE OT UPDATE FREE-FATE, but...(I know, this is where you start twitching) school, and life, and family, and-and just about EVERYTHING is taking up my time, lebrezie!

I'm so busy that my days just flip by, and at the end of the day, I'm sitting on my butt-in pain-wondering what the hell happened to all my time?

I know it's no excuse, and it's killing me that I'm not updating it quicker like I promised to. But, nyah, next semester, my life BETTER be a lot calmer. I'm not going through all this drama and shit again. (Sorry, 'scuse mah French).

So...yeah, I am reviewing this moment so you know that I'm not ignoring you as well. ^^;


Lebrezie, I hafta say something...brace yourself...

YOU ROCK! YOU ARE DA BOMB! THE WORLD IS LEBREZIE-CENTRIC! (no, not helio-centric. That's a damn lie.)

(Mm, sorry. I just had my first homework worksheet for biology and it was all about Earth Science. O_o)

Yeah, this is like Tsubasa-which I'm recording right now on mah TV ^^-but this is mucho cooler.

When I hit the last chapter of POH (haha, abbreviations...why is that such a long word?) I'll review the right way. At this moment, it's more of a PM, but I promise to stay dedicated to POH! It's much to consuming to leave alone!


PS: Ah, go ahead and be a review freak. I am too. xP
9/5/2008 c12 18kinmoku2
Wow this was a long chapter! But it was good! I love your writing style!:D So detailed!

ha ha! Hangover! Poor, Roxas but I was amazed Axel wasn't in pain or anything. Although then again this is Axel we're talking about.

That scene where Nami said not to save her was so sad. I felt bad for Roxas cause he doesn't have his girl and said girl is now telling him to go away.

And how Roxas reads Kairi a lot better. In a way Sora kinda shines through in that category.

‘for Axel because of Kairi.’ OMG! That was HILARIOUS! I loved that scene so much:D

Wool socks? Do I even want to know what Leon wanted them for?

I guess I was right. About Roxas slowly losing himself to the darkness stuff. Can't wait for more!:D
9/5/2008 c12 1lecksy
22 pages of complete awesome-ness! I soo LOVE your story!

I was listening to battle music ( That and Divine from FFAC) when i read this ...and when i got to the -roxas almost killing another man- part, The music got all dramatic or dangerous ( as my mom says) ! I was all freaking out! Omg i don't know if i said it before but i LOVE YOUR STORY to pieces! Please Write More!

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