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for Inuyasha Decides and What A Decision He Makes

5/21/2008 c1 37IntelligentFerretFreak
Aw! that was so cute at the end!
2/7/2008 c1 4sundayswithgale
12/28/2007 c1 skaterbaby-4-14
That was a great story! I really liked it. I thought it was relly sweet an kind of funny. Especially about the pregnant with his brother part.
9/2/2007 c1 24Shinjite Florana
Kawaii! I really like this! so sweet...

~Shinjite Florana
8/19/2007 c1 inuyashaxkagomeforever
aw inuyasha and kagome! o.0 twins! he! so happy! who took the pic? owell! ok how come noone was with kagome! come on @ leat inuyasha! and come on u should have given them inuyasha's ears! ^-^ gr8 work still! ^-^
8/19/2007 c1 6inuaiko
i love the story it was definatly worth reading
8/19/2007 c1 16AnimegirlKiki
Aw! Good one. lol, kiki

Ps_ Kikyo IS dead finally for the last time! (manga).
8/19/2007 c1 8azuyama-chan
i like this one! :D
8/19/2007 c1 11FullMetalPrincess
That was cute :D

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