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for Lost In Starbuck

4/3 c1 17Scousedancer
Such a beautifully bittersweet story and I loved how you wrote Cassie AND Starbuck, giving them extra layers we often didn't see on the show
2/15/2015 c1 32LAGC
Again, a wonderful piece. The perfect blend of angst, anguish, trust, and hope.
1/25/2012 c1 Guest
You captured their charcaters so well and gave some insight of their coupling. I just wish it were longer.
8/26/2007 c1 17clairon
What a lovely interlude, Lisa... That Cassie is one lucky lady!
8/21/2007 c1 85Firewolfe
Well done. I always thought she was an underused character and that her previous profession had to be well trained in more then just one skill. I always figured it be a cross between an escort, councilor, doctor and massuse. With a touch of polititian and buisiness to make it well rounded. Nicely done I hope there is more.


Lisa AKA FireStar Concilor BSG Club.

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