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for Of Vampires and Bones

11/17/2019 c8 KuroHinata
i think I watched Bones for a few years before it clicked that Booth was Angelus from Buffy. lol. I think he is the only actor I watched with years gap and not being stuck thinking that the actor is still playing the same character. I really enjoy actors(f/m) that play different roles not just stick to the same one or glued to the same genre.
thanks for this modern xover. i really need to rewatch Buffy and Bones again. I really haven't watched the last seasons of both series.
nice to get to know the scooby gang being adults.
2/28/2019 c4 bradsan92
Wait a minute. Buffy and Spike told them about the supernatural but not about how strong they are and that bullets won't work. That doesn't sound right. They would explain certainly knowing how male Booth and how stubborn Bones can be. They would show it if they wouldn't believe it.
4/1/2017 c8 Kim
Loved it. Keep it coming please.
This is so exciting.
10/12/2016 c8 Guest
Very cute:) xx
5/26/2016 c7 Suzululu4moe
Oh hodgin. Can imagine his eyes.
5/26/2016 c5 Suzululu4moe
I pity the bones cast. Given the likeliness between booth and Angel... Angel's game face would be traumatizing. It would be so easy to imagine a imagine or have nightmares thinking if it were booth.
5/26/2016 c4 Suzululu4moe
Bones is probably going on overdrive trying to piece what she had studied as an anthropologist with the mystical aspects .

Poor people disillusioned by the government. Well at least they got warned off .
5/26/2016 c3 Suzululu4moe
Cute interaction with booth 's intent on hearing bones' response.

Hmm I wonder if being angel's lookalike had affected booth any way in his life.
5/26/2016 c1 Suzululu4moe
Lol Buffy musta freaked out about the appearance of the angel lookalike.

Nice beginning
1/21/2016 c8 DarkJosey66
This story is amazing and i really hope plan on continuing and completing it and updating soon

Also i was wondering if your going to mention the shanshu prophecy since sound like it could be relate to with the new prophecy and the way describe it sounds like it could be a missing piece
9/17/2015 c8 michelle-csp
Really enjoyed this. Please keep it going.
10/1/2014 c8 1Silver.Nightwing003
Please please please update.
8/27/2014 c8 coolgirl1010
Need next chapter...please come back..pleasepleaseplease?
4/21/2014 c8 Tropp
Aaawh, please continue, pretty please?

Hodgins know some stuff but not everything, why not let him startle Spike enough so he vamps out? Could by a funny scene, a shocked Hodgins and Spike in a fit of giggles?
3/9/2014 c8 6Toniboo
hey this seems good, any chance you will be returning to it?

would love to read more
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