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2/19/2012 c8 BuffyandAngelForeverinLove
Great story so far :) look forward to reading more updates.
2/17/2012 c8 6Alexis Winn
It's like a belated Christmas and birthday present all rolled into one! Such happiness. I mean, new chapter AND Buffy and Angel finally got together.

I'm really glad that I decided to check in on this story because, hey, you updated! The wait was very worth it. :)
2/14/2012 c8 14Stina Whatever
This is great, and I like the thing that Spike has with Angela
2/13/2012 c8 14MidnightHalcyon
Awesome chapter!
2/10/2012 c8 DLillith21
This is a great story, I love this cross over. I can't wait to keep seeing where you go with the Super Slayer girl prophecy. Love Love Love the addition of Willow and Oz to the DC crew, favorites!
2/9/2012 c8 2ShoshonaRose
Really good! Please update soon and please have one of them slip and the team finds out that Buffy and Oz and Willow already knew each other!
2/8/2012 c8 1psychicspyarrowangel
It has been so long since u update but so glad that u did this chap is awesome I loved the ending and I can't wait for more pleaz don't keep us waiting as long to update

2/8/2012 c8 1serenityselena
first date in a very long time - success...

conversation with Hodgins - very good...

let`s hope that this positive streak will keep on going for our heroes ^_^
2/8/2012 c8 General Mac
love it more pretty please
2/8/2012 c8 Vicki219
Wicked story! Hope you update again soon
2/5/2012 c7 ILoveSarahSophia
You have to update this. Please. This story is too awesome to not be continued.
2/5/2012 c5 ILoveSarahSophia
Awesome chapter. Love love it.
2/5/2012 c4 ILoveSarahSophia
OMG! Ugh Booth should've listened to Brennan.

Women have intuition. Great chapter btw.
2/5/2012 c3 ILoveSarahSophia
So addictive. I really love it.
2/5/2012 c2 ILoveSarahSophia
Even better than the first chapter. Loving it a lot.
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