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for Stunned Silence

8/30/2019 c1 372JanetM74
Ha! Excellent! I so want to know what else was said!
10/22/2009 c1 Keely-anne
I really enjoyed this story and I think they were all perfectly in character. Great Job and Thanks for writing! :D
12/16/2008 c1 37black4minister
oh yeah, go team tracy! another brillent fic. i love kate too, she's cool. and i love the way you've potrayed the boys protective streaks, even the younger ones of scott. i'm off to read more
8/23/2007 c1 jendarra
Oh this was so good.

Even at then they were a team, when one is threatened the others are there, and Scott as always is the leader, willing to fight for his brothers.

Mind you, I think there may be a further story from the Scott/Greg threat,(More pain for Scott?)

Keep writing!
8/20/2007 c1 Cutiepie2191
Hahaha. I liked Jeff's comment at the end. Great story. Keep up the good work:)
8/20/2007 c1 6team.aaf
Oh, most definitely thumbs up!

Right from the beginning I liked Kate, and she continued to prove herself throughout.

You wrote the boys brilliantly. I can just see them standing together, working seamlessly as a team, and stopping the instant Jeff arrived; even at that young age.

Indeed they 'really do know how to cause a scene' - and we love them for it.

Well done on another great 'short one'. Enjoyed it a lot!
8/20/2007 c1 sam1
You sneak, you didn't tell me that you'd written this story. It's fabulous and I loved it from beginning to end. MORE MORE MORE oneshots and soon, please.

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