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for The Wizard of Silence

4/9 c21 Smokeing
This was a very good story enjoyed it very much look forward to the dates in continuations thank you
3/29 c21 HoneyBear84
Love it and seriously hope you will start writing the sequel someday soon
2/11 c16 rosequeen2024
didn't harry already know about ginny he brought her up when reprimanded ron in the chapter with the troll i thought id point it out even if it has been a while since this finished I love the story so far
1/22 c21 1inuyasha16451
Omg. This story was amazing. Please write a sequel soon.
1/3 c12 Rebatrek
I have to say your story started out really good. But then it changed. To much copied from the book. I give up.
12/31/2020 c11 Guest
thank you for not putting that bloody song in I've read fics where whole chapters were taken up then was left hanging needless to say its quite annoying
12/13/2020 c6 Serena Salvatore
Dumbledore vs. Halliwell? Hum... vs. Grams, my money is in Grams!
11/16/2020 c13 16Child of Dreams
It's Prue, not Pru..
And I think Patty was spelled with a "y" at the end instead of an "i"...
11/16/2020 c2 Child of Dreams
Penny should have included Marge in her curse.
11/4/2020 c21 Heather
This is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing crossover stories I have ever had the privilege of reading. I enjoyed this story so much that the few things that annoyed me (I think there were some grammar errors and lacking scene breaks) I can't even point out because they were mostly drowned out by the beauty of this story. The only thing I might change about it if I had written this would be trying to find a way to save Patti. I would love to see this continue on even post-Hogwarts and hopefully, save Grams or if not, then seeing Harry mentor the girls. I never really expected a crossover like this to work, but you not only made it work... you crafted a merging so wonderful that it's literary synergy, far better than the sum of its parts.
10/24/2020 c18 14Elsbeth Ravensblood
Really loving this story, especially how Penny is repeatedly handing Snape and Dumbledore their heads when they really annoy her. However, I do have a word of advice and that is to have some kind of indicator for a scene break when you jump from one scene to the next. Case in point is when Dumbledore says to Harry let's get that letter and the very next line has his beard being cut and turned green. Kind of jarring and had to go back and reread to realize what happened.
I understand this story is now 13 years old and I've not read any of your later stories but you might consider it if you continue writing.
Again, great story and can't wait to see what Harry does to Riddle. TA! ER
10/21/2020 c1 Guest
Those are the dumbest most worthless family powers i've ever seen. everything can be done with normal wizard power? shapeshifting for only an hour? WTF is that? wizards may only have 1 form but it's as long as you want. Shifting seems useless and can be done with a switching spell way easier and better. And levitation? i would actually give that up if it was ever offered to me. voldemort can fly. i mean come on, the charmed ones can stop time, Telekinesis, Premonition. sad really.
9/25/2020 c21 AvidReader2425
Thanks for a fun story
9/25/2020 c20 AvidReader2425
Another excellent chapter, thank you
9/25/2020 c19 AvidReader2425
Another great chapter, thank you
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