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6/8/2008 c23 8Daronta
That was one of the best chapters ever. Vanessa was great while she last, i wish her and Kai could've stayed 2gether longer but awsome chapter.
6/8/2008 c21 Daronta
Nice chapter, I like the new character Kurama, nice but deadly. Still got some catching up to do
5/18/2008 c13 Daronta
The (not in KH terms haha) was funny. The fight between Herc and Valon had me jumping in my seat the whole time. Nice chapter but what's with the yu-gi-oh characters?
5/10/2008 c8 Daronta
(Claps) That was the best chapter so far. I like what you did with the evil Kai, the ReynaxKai story and how beast is still beast. Also adding the limit move was awsome I didn't think anyone would think of putting it in the story. Great Chapter
5/1/2008 c2 Daronta
Chapter 1 wasn't great but I have that problem too. But chapter 2 got me hooked
4/17/2008 c5 7EnergyEmber
I have to point out the fact that you say the battle against the first Organization, the one with Sora, was only a few years ago. However, that makes no sense at all if Sora and the rest have kids and guessing that the kids are in their teens, then Sora and the rest have to be in their late 30s or early 40s. Also you make it sound like Leon, Yuffie, and Arieth didn't age at all. In the game they are older then Sora, so in your story they should be in their 40s.

I'm just confused with the whole age difference, afterall A LOT can happen in the 20 or so years time span that this story begins at.
4/17/2008 c59 Lauracroft55
This last chapter was really good. It was an interesting wrap up of the story! Well.. On to the sequal! *sniff* I will miss this story.
4/16/2008 c60 82Mrfipp
Good story, it has been a good eight or so months or reading. Now, to read the next chapter of the continuation!

Hope it's as good, if not better, then this one.

Also, you forgot to put up the 'Complete' Status up.

Please be well

4/16/2008 c58 3Forgotten in Darkness
I really love this story and i really can't wait for the last chapter. I have been a fan of this story so keep writing please.
4/16/2008 c58 Lauracroft55
Wow...That is all I can really say about this chapter. I wonder what will happen to Reyna! I will be sad to see this story ending :( At least there is a sequal! Lol
4/15/2008 c58 82Mrfipp
And so now the hearts are free! I would normally be woried, but from the sequil I kind of guess what happens.

Please continue

4/11/2008 c57 Mrfipp
Yeah! Now Kai is here to help her save the day!

I'm ging to read the sequel now.

Please continue

4/11/2008 c57 8Sakura the cherry alchemist
4/11/2008 c57 Lauracroft55
This battle was epic! GO Kai. lol When Reyna and Kai had wings..It made me think of Star Ocean with Fayt. Now I want to go and play that game now! *runs off to ps2* Anyway, I am stumped on who the next story is going to be about?
4/8/2008 c56 Sakura the cherry alchemist
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