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9/7/2007 c18 82Mrfipp
Renkotsu? Isn't a bad guy from Inyuasha?

Keep gpoing by the way!

Please continue


I had to make room for the cupcake
9/4/2007 c17 Mrfipp

I like this story,

And I think the person may possibly -(giant green flames erupt).

I also want to thank you for all the reviews you left for HoG!

Now a quoate from my favorite robot, GIR.

We wish you a merry jiggley! We wish a merry jiggley! We wish you!

Please continue

9/2/2007 c15 Mrfipp
I love Halloween Town, I've also noticed that Name does a little bit of most of the fighting.

How do you do the aceent over the E? And the double dot over the I?

Please be well

9/1/2007 c14 Mrfipp
Cool, as for your question,

ALL OF THEM! I wish I could command them all with a first of iron! And all of humanity will fear my fist of iron! Obey the fist!

. . .

I've been watching a lot of Invader Zim. I like Gir.

(Hi floor! Make me a sammich!)

Please be well

9/1/2007 c13 Mrfipp
I liked the tournys. But not so much in KHII, because if wanted to do one match then I had to do all the fights after it. And I couldn't just quit because I don't do that!

Shame, because I liked fighting Pete.

Please continue

8/30/2007 c12 Mrfipp

But when i referred to the new group, I was actually talking about the Organization.

Also, are you going to do any worlds where they change form?(Halloween Town, Atlantica for example)

Please continue

8/29/2007 c9 Mrfipp
I've always what happened to Jafar's lamp after you beat him in KHII.

Anyway, keep going.

By the way, how many people are in this new group?

Please continue

8/25/2007 c8 Mrfipp
Cool, wait didn't you call the Kronos seal the seal of orikalkos before?

Looks like youv'e seem Yu-Gi-Oh.

Please continue

8/25/2007 c6 Kanjilearner1988
Nice chapter. I appreciate the explanation of the Organization's intentions, but, still…
8/23/2007 c5 Kanjilearner1988
Nice work, but since the new Organization consists of actual humans, I'm beginning to question whether or not our heroes are fighting for a worthy cause…
8/22/2007 c5 Mrfipp
Nice, but why is it you often refer Reyna as Alexis?

Is the romance part of this story Reyna/Kai?

Please continue

8/22/2007 c5 15Magic713
Good story but I have to ask if you are going to use any of the Disney villians in your story. Keep up the good work.
8/22/2007 c4 82Mrfipp
Ooh! So far this seems good, but what about Kai?

I also like the journal enties at the bottom, I do the same thing!

Please continue

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