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for THE OLD VERSION OF: The Tale of the Lost

5/14/2011 c7 2iSayumix3
Belly button made me face palm XDDD
9/1/2009 c13 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbvvvvv
Ok, good, like the story and is well written. Now that we know Riku is an A_ _ _, can you try and update? I know that sometimes we go off into Alice In Wonder-neverland and don't come back; and writer's block and life interferes. My niece plays the game and is stuck in one level so I get to hear all of it and well, your characters are nicely rounded, the story well paced, the tension not overly done. Would love to see more.
9/1/2009 c1 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbvvvvv
Hi Alyssa. About time I reviewed. I just finished doing house cleaning and am treating myself. Tomorrow work. This first chapter is great; intense and well paced. Characters are believable and dialogue is good. Am going on to the next chapters.
5/28/2009 c13 1MackenzieDuet
they need to get back together pronto. and u were there wen i submited my reviews u could've said somfin bout my spelling...geish
5/27/2009 c13 1spirit-rider125
So maybe 13 isn't so unlucky...you seem to have your mojo back...I SO wanted to give Riku a hug as he was moaping (i doubt that's how you spell that) but of course hes a jerk so gah! well...continue writing and don't fall of the face of the planet again!
5/27/2009 c13 Panda
Yay! Is still loving it!

But sorry she didn't review all the chapters.

5/27/2009 c12 Panda
Yay! Really really really good (update soon please)!
5/25/2009 c12 1MackenzieDuet
o. my. gosh.

ogala boogala to the extreme 12 man woah

that waz amazing altho i like the 8th chapter better this is a close 2nd man woah uve so gotta post the 13th one oh man haha deep...VAMPYRE! HAHA

5/25/2009 c11 MackenzieDuet
ogala boogala times 11

they so work together eepp

5/25/2009 c10 MackenzieDuet
ogala boogala times 10

5/25/2009 c9 MackenzieDuet
ogala boogala times 9

deep...love it
5/25/2009 c8 MackenzieDuet
ogala boogala times 8

‘Maybe she’s a vampire and my blood smells bad. That could be it. But then again, don’t vampires think ALL blood smells good? I don’t think vampires discriminate unless the person HAS no blood. And I’m pretty sure I do, so I guess she isn’t a vampire either,’ Riku thought, once again leaning back in his chair.

otflol out loud jk haha sucker...funny
5/25/2009 c7 MackenzieDuet
ogala boogala times 7

they had a moment eepp!
5/25/2009 c6 MackenzieDuet
ogala boogala times 6

5/25/2009 c5 MackenzieDuet
ogala boogala times 5

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