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for Another new HP idea

9/16/2013 c1 Dead Turtle
...You sick motherfucker.
4/28/2009 c1 298thweasleykid
You have written more of a summary, but its a good story concept. Witch some time and dedication it could become a very good story.
7/28/2008 c1 me
10/13/2007 c1 4cyiusblack
update soon
9/7/2007 c1 1Stygius.Magic
i likewise would love to know what groups and other fics are out there with harry/cissa...
9/4/2007 c1 The Dark Lord Potter
im not taking up the fic, but it does sound like an interesting idea. However, I was wondering if you could either email or pm me the link to this harry narcissa group. that pairing has alway fascinated and intrigued me, and I would like to read more of it, but the library of harry/cissa fics here at is woefully abysmal. if you could do that I'd be really appreciative, or just some sites to find some really good harry narcissa fics would be good too. thank again.
8/24/2007 c1 17quintin grey
i actually like the idea of your story I hope you write in detail or is this the story already, if so it still good and well written
8/23/2007 c1 master
continu this story i like narcissa and harry fic

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